Quick fix for PS Vita and developer issues explained

As Sony look to get back on track with the competitive portable gaming market it is not long before Sony’s PlayStation Vita is available for customers everywhere, and prior to the PS Vita hitting the shops we are interested to see whether any issues may arise.

News that the PlayStation Vita is looking at problems with its launch is reported in an article on JustPushStart and the responses by Sony. There has already been comments about issues faced by a section of PS Vita owners and obstacle has arisen when it comes to some downloadable games, Super Stardust Delta is noted to be one these causing a hindrance, as the error code C2-12383-7 comes up with a message that the installation or copy could not perform correctly.

This issue has come about whether the title is downloaded directly to the PS Vita or copied from a PlayStation 3 and this is not the only game that has had this problem, issues have also been experienced with Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. Communicating with Sony through their Vita customer support it seems that they have been informed of this situation and form of fix is on the way, which means new Vita owners will have to patiently wait. Other quick fixes were mentioned like restarting the system and giving it some time before downloading again as well as formatting the memory card.

These quick fixes may not work so this seems to be a big problem and on Gamasutra they question whether the PS Vita is losing developer support already. A quote from Japan’s Nikkei newspaper has an anonymous negative statement about the Vita’s future and how big Japanese companies are cancelling their PS Vita projects and going over to the 3DS. Sony’s senior vice president of Worldwide Studios, Scott Rohde, refutes this quote and shows no real concern about it. Since the December launch in Japan it has not faired as well as expected and sales of the PSP are still better on a weekly basis this also includes Nintendo’s 3DS.

Scott Rohde has said that “you see extremist quotes like that all the time” and goes on to say that it is “largely exaggerated” and that a multitude of third party developers and publishers are working hard on PS Vita, not only for the time being but also for the future. This news does not overly concern Sony although the competition with the likes of Nintendo 3DS and the upcoming iPhone 5 is documented in a post we wrote last week on retailers to determine PS Vita price war.

In a more recent article, we also spoke about PS Vita marketing counters shortcomings and that they may have to look to boost their marketing campaign in order to get the momentum that they expected from this handheld. It seems some may feel that they should spend some of this marketing money on the titles focusing on a whole range of different games. Have the issues mentioned made you reconsider the PS Vita? On the other hand, do you feel there bound to be a few minor problems?

  • Tghjhgg

    i just wish everyone would quit comparing phones to consoles, phones are not true gaming machines. They are machines were gaming is an after-thought.

    • pat

      I couldn’t agree more. true gamers, the people who are most likely to buy a vita, would never consider a smartphone as an alternative to an actual portable gaming system. sure I’ve played angry birds on my phone before, old school games via emulators even, but still it’s not a valid competitor for people who want more from a console.