Elaborating Twisted Metal weapons: Visual review

We’ve seen a number of Twisted Metal reviews already and the game has been met with hesitation from fans of this franchise, although new comers are feeling indecisive in some cases as well. If you’ve spent some time playing Twisted Metal or seen enough hands-on time then you’ll know that this is a game to buy, and many of the review scores also show what a good game it is.

If you’ve starting playing the new Twisted Metal already then you might have experienced the multiplayer issues, which the majority of problems have now been fixed according to official Twitter accounts talking about the Twisted Metal server status. Do you still have any issues with online matchmaking, and if so feel free to share them in the comments?

Surviving longer in Twisted Metal – Today we wanted to give gamers a hand when it comes to using Twisted Metal weapons, and we’ve compiled some of the best videos for you to review and learn a few tricks. The first two videos below this article highlight some of the best attacks and run for just less than 12 minutes in total. These videos show you right away that the new Twisted Metal is “no ordinary game“, and more tactical when compared to the last game, which means less button bashing and more skill.

The third video explains why the Helicopter (Talon) is so good and also gives you a few weapon tips; so check that video out if you fancy some of this action. For those gamers that want to defend against the Talon we recommend using the EMP/Ice missile to knock it down, which then allows you to attack while it’s vulnerable. If the Talon has dropped you from the sky then just use your shield to take no damage from the drop.

We’ve included a fourth video that gives you a few tricks for Twisted Metal, which allows PS3 players to learn how to handle weapons with a visual walkthrough. The video really gives you some good insight, especially for new users, and helps you get to grips with levels, weapons, characters and vehicles.

Those of our readers that want something more detailed should check out the fifth video below that runs for just fewer than 40 minutes, and showcases some of the most complete coverage we’ve seen for Twisted Metal gameplay. If you haven’t got time for the longer videos and want a quick overview of the new Twisted Metal for 2012 then you should see the last video, which gives you a quick review for just under 4 minutes and summarizes the pros and cons.

What do you make of Twisted Metal so far? Those of our readers in the U.S. have been able to play the game for a few days now, although our UK readers still have to wait another 2 weeks and 5 days before we see a European launch. Feel free to read about some of the recent reviews in our earlier article.