GTA 5 in-game TV station

Grand Theft Auto V fans have been getting excited about some recent news and it’s no surprise that the rumor mill has now begun once again. There is a possibility that we could get to see an in-game TV station within GTA 5, and this has now created a great deal of interest, as some of our readers have already been coming up with a few ideas of their own.

There seems to be a consensus that an in-game TV station would be a great idea because this could allow you to watch the police chases that you are involved in, which will be filmed by those who are doing the chasing. There has even been a suggestion of an MMO route for GTA V, which would make a new TV feature ideal because you would get to see other players on it.

These rumors have only been sparked off since we learned that Take-Two has registered ‘GTA TV‘ and ‘Rockstar TV‘ and have both been described as the same thing, which you can see for yourself in the previous links. It’s hard to know what Rockstar is planning here, as they could either offer something truly unique to the latest game from the Grand Theft Auto series or it could just be a tactical move.

We did find one idea alarming and that is yet another piece of standup routine by Ricky Gervais, yes he is good but the comedian doesn’t go with GTA in any way. There is another idea that could be of interest to fans of the franchise and that is a TV channel on the Rockstar website, which could allow you to upload your own cool in-game content direct to the website.

It has been suggested that some sort of video editor allowing you to export to YouTube could be why these two names have been trademarked, but the fear is that both the Xbox 360 and PS3 are not powerful enough for a replay feature although we are not too sure on this claim.

All this speculation is good but what we really need is another trailer and we already know the second trailer is around 2 months away. This does make things a little difficult because fans of the game were hoping for something a little sooner, as all they have had to go on is just one video teaser and a huge amount of gossip.

GTA V with some sort of TV tie-in is just one of a long line of rumors; others include the possibility of modding in the game, characters, mini games, a release date and so much more.



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      • jackKk

        First reply to the first reply to the first comment to oh i can’t be bothered

    • Obi Alfred

      *gives a twinkie*

  • Rpday377

    So many possibilities and new ideas they can implement in this game.  I cant wait.  Imagine being able to watch your own mission attempt/car chase with mulitple camera angles as a news report on an in game San Andreas News channel while eating a burger in game.  That would be ill.  

    Plus they can implement different camera angles by adding pedestrian phone video cameras like CNN i-Report.  Dope!

  • GTAVfan

    Why do you often omit the original sources of your articles?  Linking back to the original source is common courtesy.

    • Ricky

      They have linked to the source, did you not read the article? The two links to the .gov website, who else could be the source other than the trademark pages…I think some people need to learn what “source” means.

      • GTA 5

        I do believe the lad is talking about who found out about these trademarks first – the people/website inentertainment found this from.

  • random remarker

    could be porn

    Gash, Tits & Ass TV

    wiggle your joystick (or ‘joypad’ for the ladies) all night!

  • Carson J Gallo

    Probably building up their Social Club with features, and UI good enough to be up to par with Call of Duty ELITE & Battlelog.

  • Guy123

    7th !

  • Redswoo

    Those are all exciting ideas. Perhaps also it could be linked to a mission where you enter a TV broadcaster building. Also it could be a channel that shows news related to how far through the story you are.

  • Alex kemble

    on all the previous gta’s  there always been 1 trailer so why do you suggest another one in two months

    • John Kimble

      That’s wrong, there was more than one trailer for gta 4 and Rockstar have announced ‘new information’ will emerge in a few months – that could be a trailer

    • gtafanatic

      because all we have to go on is one trailer we need another one to refuel, gta fans cant just run on fumes forever people are bound to loose interest in a few months time because they were not advertising it and i know if they did it would just blow every other game out of the water but still andi know for a fact they will release more info in june its only logical all they have to do is wait until everybody buys maxpayne 3 then wait a little bit then reveal gta 5



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      well done for remembering

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      But you don’t see your self on it.

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    i want it now. i wont have time to play it in november!!!

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      Hello uncle

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    yeeeahh because iwant to watch tv while playing a video game

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      y wood u wanna do dat?.

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        sarcasm dumbass!

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    A gameplay trailer is what I’m waiting for. A real one:^)

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    be funny in multiplayer
    phone call* bro turn on the tv to channel 6
    turns tv on*
    WTF? drive faster!!!

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      i don’t get it

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  • gtafanatic

    it seems like a good move it sounds cool but do people honestly want to watch tv inside of a game? i understand rockstar wants to make it as realistic as possible but i think they should turn there attention to the city itself like maybe make more buildings that you can go into or make a use for the building like extortion meth labs in the basement being able to but realistate have warehouses packed with weapons ready to be used in a fight or even be able to walk into and ordinary home and steal there money and stuff because to be honest in gta iv there was nothing to do after u beat it and in game modding sounds cool like make it a reward for beating the game and have special mods that u need to unlock

  • Anonymous

    I LOVE GTA as much as the rest of you but you cant get your hopes up now i herd that they were going to annonce the release date at E3 but i dont know i have herd a million things about this game how many things could they possably fit into this game i mean i love many things to do i love enterable homes i like to be able to buy homes and ride fast through the street while whiping out the pedestrions i love the story but look what they had to do with LA NIORE put it on three discs THAT WAS A PAIN IN THE ASS but what ever lets just hope they have FREE MODE!!!!

    • loo-e

      some people walk 3 miles to fetch a bucket of water and your complaining about changing a disc??

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      Get a PS3 then you’d only need one disk, it’s the Xbox that’s the problem, not the game.

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    The GTA series and Megaman old-skool games on PS3 network are the only video games worth playing.  99.99999% of all video games suck assballs.



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    Someone like Manny Escuela can be on that TV, living for the streets, homie…. Just for the streets cause these streets be givin him life….. Just the streets man, just the streets…