PS Vita’s price in UK at Asda, Sainsbury and Tesco

With just one day to go until the official release of the PS Vita we thought we would take a look at some of the prices from the biggest stores and online retailers in the UK, which is perfect for those who held off on pre-ordering theirs. Certain gamers thought buy getting in early they would avoid disappointment but it seems as though the likes of Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Amazon and have plenty of units to go around – Sony just hopes consumers are willing to part with their cash on yet another new handheld console.

Upon looking we can see that the prices are pretty similar and it’s only when you start to look at the different bundles that you see varying prices. Looking over all the deals it seems as though has the best offers, as they have the Wi-Fi only model with a free card for £212.99 and the Wi-Fi/3G model with memory card for £262.99.

The next closest is Amazon; they are offering the Wi-Fi only model for £209 and £259 for the 3G version, although we have to inform you that there is no memory card with this offer. The others are pretty similar, Asda will charge just £197 for the Wi-Fi only model and Tesco £219.99, both have the Wi-Fi/3G version for £269.99. Sainsbury’s, Game and GameStation will be charging their customers £229.99 and £279, so you will have to decide which store is more practical for you.

While these prices may not offer the best incentives to choose one store or online retailer over the other, it’s the bundles and other offers that count. Asda do not have any bundles but they will give you £100 off the price off a PS Vita if you trade-in your Nintendo 3DS.

Currently Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Amazon have no such deals on, which could hurt them in the short term becasue consumers look to save a few pounds by purchasing a new handheld console, memory card and game together – maybe as the popularity grows for the device they will start to offer bundles or other such offers?

We thought we would look at the same bundles from three different retailers to give you an idea of how different their offers are and it’s no surprise to see both GameStation and Game are selling the Wi-Fi only model with an 8GB memory card and Uncharted: Golden Abyss for £269.98 while has the same bundle for £242.99 with free delivery.

It’s easy to see currently has the best offers but their bundles do vary and they may not be what you are looking for, then again how can you ignore the online store because they seem the best all round. Have you managed to find a store taking part in a midnight launch event for the PS Vita?


  • Typo Riffic

    wait what? amazon offers the memory card. Just no preorder pack (Which is just headphones and £5 off one of 4 games technically).

  • Dave Wilmshurst

    Actually… Amazon do offer a bundle deal … the Vita, free 8gb card and a game for £15! And all for a respectable price.

  • Sdtranter

    I,m with dave Amazon are the best for price around, my local gamestation has my deposit but its better for me to loose this and buy amazons bundle!!!!! £259 wifi/3g free memory card and a game for £15 ( ok only a handeful of the games are included)

  • G-byrne

    I got mine from the zavvi store for 199 on ebay with pre order pack

  • Snooker DJ

    FAO Dave Wilmhurst

    You will not lose your Game Station deposit.  I ordered mine there on Saturday for the pre-order pack and they basically told me if I found a better deal I could keep the pre order pack and use my deposit on something else in store.  So I just went and ordered from Amazon and will put my deposit towards a Vita game at gamestation.  Best deal I could find!

  • Cheese

    Sainsburys will be selling the Wi-Fi for £199.99 and the 3g for £249.99 if you buy either Uncharted or Fifa. Both games will be £39.99.

  • ThE gReAt OnE Is Me

    Hey hey hey,  Amazon is best by far i just ordered it from there on Friday they give
     the Vita, free 8gb card and a game for £15 and only for 225 pound plus 2 pound for delivery on release..
    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Stephenfogg

    Hi there ‘the great one is me# ive also gbone for the same bundle as you for release day delivery, has yours been dispatched yet as ive been informed mine is expected to be shipped todayy?cheers

    • ThE gReAt OnE Is Me

      well if you done first class delivery then it will come to you tmrow if not then in a few day

  • Baggiesfan1983

    Ordered from Play Vita wifi, Virtua Tennis 4 ,Pre order pack, 8gb mem card 227.99 with cashback 211.99 , Being delivered free on Wednesday , That seems to be the best deal, If you dont like the game you will be able to trade it for at least 20 quid i would of thought

  • Roddy Poop

    I can’t believe idiots like these actually queue up and support rip off monopolistic GAME stores in the UK, like GAME. What moron actually pays full RRP price of £229 when there are retailers such as Asda stocking them for £197 HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Price drop before launch seems like these things won’t sell out at all.And Amazon are doing the best bundle deals of £209 + FREE 8GB memory card and £15 for a selected game.WHO ACTUALLY PAYS FULL PRICE at Game???? IT BAFFLES ME!