Temple Run to smash Android app records

As with all things we have to move on and while Angry Birds was one of the most popular apps for a number of years there is a new king in town, but it’s currently only available on iOS. The app in question is Temple Run and we would have thought that Android would have had it by now, and once it does there is no doubt it will smash records for their app store.

We already know it’s coming to Android but so far its been hard to pin down an exact date, but we have been told that Imangi Studios will announce when this will be on their Facebook Group. Reading some of the reactions you can see that fans of the game are eager to see Android get Temple Run, as they are now feeling a little sick of the fact that iOS users have been enjoying the game for 6 months now.

It’s not just on Facebook where fans have been screaming out for an Android version of Temple Run, they have also been taking to a number of forums and also Twitter. The developer has not shared much on there in terms of a release date, but it was by a tweet that we learned they would announce the release date on Facebook.

There is a whole bunch of new apps coming to Android but none of them will be able to compete with Temple Run, which makes you wonder why the developers are dragging their heals on the release? Now is the time for other apps to take advantage of the situation before it’s too late and the hottest app of the moment goes live on Android Market.

Because of the success of Temple Run it’s no surprise that there have been a host of clones trying to share in the spoils, last month there was Temple Jump and this month we have Temple Guns. For those who do not pay attention could download one of these apps instead of the real thing because not only are the names similar but so are the Apple Store icons as well.

However, we would advise you to look carefully at the screenshots on the App Store, as you can clearly see the difference but the easiest way to tell them apart is the cost, because the clones usually cost around $0.99 while the real version is free.

Android needs this app soon because in the six months since its release Temple Run has more than 36 million downloads on iOS and as such will be a big success on the rival mobile OS. It was assumed that February 9, 2012 was going to be the release date but that day has been and gone, even the 24th of this month is also looking very unlikely. Don’t believe any of these so-called release dates anymore, just keep an eye on their Facebook Group for official confirmation.

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  • Kim

    they cancelled Temple Run for adroid. tjey had to many bugs trying to make it and they stop. maybe in the near future they would try again. but as if now they have stop the Temple Run project for androids.

  • Jigsajiggaboo

    just get an ipod. i have one. i also have a droid. temple run is overrated. i like angry birds. i am finished with all levels. i am good. i even finished seasons and rio. i am good. i am good at angry birds. i am good at temple run on the ipod. i am good and excited about it.

    • john

      cool story bro

  • Danielle Deverter

    They need to put Temple Run for android NOW! I have been waiting a long time, and was very dissapointed when I saw it was not on the android apps store! I am willing to pay anything to have this app!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/baba.parthiban Baba Parthiban

     if u make people wait so long the heat in the game will be lost. So do not think about other apps being released on the same date.

  • DanUK

    And Kim, I am sure you are an expert on these things and in close contact with the designers of the game.  I bow down to your superior knowledge and will no longer look forward to the release on Android.  Damn. LOL

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  • Jake-townsend

    When do is actually come out then?

  • naveen

    i am waiting to play

  • Ejsantiago12

    The hype of the game is long gone. By the time android gets this there will be a better game out there. I’m tired of waiting for this app and the people telling me dates that won’t happen.

  • Mahavir Bhakta

    jeez why does all app makers underestimate android market? i mean we only have .5  of a million less users than ios THT IS LIKE NOTHING! plus android phones can handle way better graphics due to thier proccesors

  • your momma

    omg……fakes all over the android market spams spams spams come on when does the friggin game COME OUTTTTTTTTTTTTT

    • Bree14_19

      in 4 days! i have the actually app and when you click play it says its coming out in 4 days and 4 hours… as of 19:00 on 25/02 in the uk

  • Broken Promise!

    I’m protesting and you should too! When this comes out, don’t download it! Then they will realize what’s mistake they made ignoring the customers! -.-