Dynasty Warriors Next rocks on Vita

As Dynasty Warriors has had many spin-offs since it first came out on the PlayStation in 1997 many different consoles have had the opportunity to experience games from the DW franchise. The addition of Dynasty Warriors Next to the PlayStation Vita is not exactly a bolt from the blue but we are intrigued to see whether this is a game that partners well with the capabilities of this new handheld.

Omega Force’s classic hack ‘n slash game will be part of the PS Vita’s launch lineup and in a review by JustPushStart we get the chance to find out their opinion of the game. Anyone that has played a DW game it is pretty much square pressing and the occasional triangle, which sounds like a quite simple combat strategy, but the PS Vita version makes this more interactive with various controls that the handheld presents. The extensive controls are accessible for defensive and offensive styles with everything from flicking and swiping to tapping and holding your finger on the touch screen.

With loads of mode options, the standard Campaign Mode will have you involved in the initial story of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms; the Coalition Mode is an ideal co-op situation with up to 4 players working together. If you want side quests Gala Mode is the one for you especially the fun effects that allows users to replace the faces of the characters with their own, other mini games include Marksman, Bastion, and Calligrapher although these will need to be unlocked.

Character creation in the Edit Mode has a lot to keep you entertained for a while with plenty to customize and the handful of modes will make up the short amount of time it may take to complete the campaign. The graphics are good yet this is game has a repetitive nature no matter what control system is on offer, to play in intervals this is a decent PS Vita title that is worth picking up and an overall score of 4 out of 5 was awarded here. More details on this have been discussed along with some great screenshots on Electronic Theatre and they mention the Gala Mode as a welcome new addition to the gameplay that makes the most out of the PS Vita features like the touch panel and the camera.

VG24/7 are under the impression that copying the west has not functioned for Japan as DW production lead Kenichi Ogasawara feels that Japan has to stop viewing what the west is doing for hidden secrets to success, as he has already tried to look at the way cut scenes, development and graphics are handled. Japan has a unique culture and this is what has to be embraced and adapted even though the market will always promote influences from the Hollywood.

When he was asked about the differences between the past DW games and Dynasty Warriors Next he answered that in this title the gameplay has be adapted to suit the PS Vita controls like the interactions with the front and back panels. This game is ideal for both quick pick up and play and also something you can play for a while which is mentioned in the videos below, along with the game in action. Do you think this is one of many games that will benefit from the controls on the Vita?