Secret Mass Effect 3 DLC details and PSN pre-order

It looks like secret Mass Effect 3 From Ashes DLC details have been pointed out on Xbox Live, so we are interested in the specifics about a premature pushed button ahead of schedule that has given everyone an opportunity to take a look at one of ME3’s top-secret DLC packs. We also have informative news of PSN pre-order with exclusive bonuses.

The downloadable content leaked on Xbox Live clearly shows an image giving players the chance to “unearth lost secrets from the past” and recruit a Prothean and these details are discussed on ESG about the existence of a Prothean. This race is presumed to be extinct for millennia may be making a comeback and this could be the information about the DLC that is not supposed to be divulged before the release of the title. Some have questioned this as a spoiler for those who try to avoid any pre-release information although others feel that this wasn’t much of a leak as an appearance was expected.

Other opinions mount to a dislike for those who don’t want to finish the game and new squad members are released, yet many are under the impression that snippets of information on Mass Effect 3 will be found all over the internet this close to the launch and it is hard to avoid. One question that had some relevance was that this data was in the demo so why are they using it as DLC and charging us to unlock it?

Looking at the PSN Pre-Order that started yesterday PlayStation.Blog has information on the upcoming game that has been developed to come out simultaneously with other consoles. As the single and multiplayer demos have been well received, gamers might be interested in the exclusive offer for anyone who pre-orders Mass Effect 3 through the PlayStation Network. From yesterday you will have the opportunity to pre-order for a digital copy of the game and receive the M55 Argus rifle to add to your gaming encounters, and this high-powered rifle is also an ideal close up weapon. Sony Computer Entertainment America and BioWare have also added a special Mass Effect 3 PS3 theme for digital pre-orders and once the game is out these offers will not be available.

A few fans of ME2 have wondered if they will ever get the chance to play ME1 on the PlayStation as they are interested in hints throughout, and at the beginning of the month we wrote a post about possible Mass Effect 4 story hints in ME3 and those who are concerned about catching up with previous titles will get an insight at the beginning of Mass Effect 3.

When it comes to the Mass Effect 3 DLC some concerns about the price and the size of the download have been mentioned although many paid full price for Mass Effect 2 from the PSN others would still prefer the physical copy. Questions have been asked about digital games that should be much cheaper than the real thing even if DLC is more convenient.

Only yesterday, we looked into the intensified hype surrounding the Mass Effect 3 demo and that it has delivered more than expected as well as some great deals on the new game. Will you be pre-ordering a copy to take advantage of the special deals?