Differing launch for Motorstorm RC in US

It looks like the US will have wait until next month as the launch for Motorstorm RC spends two weeks in transit while Evolution’s racer is available to buy in Europe from yesterday. The PS Vita and PS3 title has an offer of buy one get one free for the European countries for those who buy either version will be able to download another Motorstorm RC free.

Similar offers for North American consumers have been mentioned and they will also get both for $9.99 and in an article on CVG they have information that Motorstorm RC will launch on March 6 in the US at the same price, but this offer does not apply in the States. Paul Rustchynsky the game director said that more details on distribution plans would be revealed nearer the time of the launch although those in Europe will be pleased that they will be able to experience the radio controlled cars race title before America for a change.

Motorstorm RC allows players to control little cars in fast off-road races that include eight vehicle classes in various surroundings that have been apparent in other Motorstorm titles. Users will get the opportunity to move saved progress between the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita as well as challenge in online play. With 16 all new tracks in four locations this game has options for four-player split-screen play on PS3 and the best thing about this title is that you will only have to buy one game to obtain both Vita and PlayStation 3 versions.

News of the US release date is reported on PlayStation.com and they speak about how far this game has come as it is viewed as one of the most addictive racing games they have had the pleasure of making. Great locations are experienced in this title with everything from jungle scenes and rocking surroundings to mountains and icy Arctic environments presenting various vehicles like off-road Buggies and high octane Super Cars. The three game modes include Drift, where your aim is to gain points by drifting, Pursuit, is the chance to progress up the grid to first and Hot Lap will have you trying to get the fastest lap time.

The Free play mode lets players play at there own pace or compete in the Time Attack and this is where it is reminiscent of classic arcade racing titles. With a modern take on customization and variations of vehicles Motorstorm RC is discussed in one of our recent posts on PS Vita Australia launch titles studied. In this, we comment briefly about the appeal that this has for being a unique off-road car game. Do you think this great offer is a good way to obtain two titles on different systems? What other games do you like to see try this?