Hands-on with the Unit 13 demo

While a few big titles have already been released for the PS Vita platform fans are still eager to get their hands on a number of other games, and Unit 13 is just one of them. This third-person shooter is said to give players the feel of a PC game but with the convenience of having it in you hand, so we thought what better way to gauge a reaction than looking at a few hands-on videos with the Unit 13 demo.

We already discussed a few days ago how this demo is the best way for those who are still undecided, because while it’s easy to say how great this game is we can’t forget that it will not have a big following like FIFA Football or Uncharted. From the trailer videos that we have seen in the build up to the games release it’s easy to see that players will be rewarded with great gameplay, but is it really that good?

The first video runs for just over 13 minutes and mostly looks at the training mode because the guy wants to get used to the controls etc before he moves onto the rest of the game, such as missions and more. This does make sense, because if you do not do too well playing Unit 13 then it could start a debate saying how much it sucks. He has already done his training so what we are getting is a replay of how well he did, while we like this video review we can’t help feeling a little tired of it towards the end.

The second hands-on demo video is a little more exciting because the guy seems to be enjoying his experience with the game, he also played the training and points out how awesome it was but it’s finally nice to see some actually gameplay footage of a mission, although he does note that the AI is not that great. It’s clear to see that the controls are very responsive and the gameplay looks good, the graphics also look very nice and when you consider this is a first generation game for the PS Vita we cannot wait to see what the games will look like later in the year or 2013.

Finally if you fancy a laugh we love how some people like to upload a video hands-on when gaming and this guy stretches his range of voices while playing the Unit 13 Demo, just remember that you need a sense of humor because the guy is full on. It’s very hard to concentrate on what he is saying but all you need to do is keep staring at the screen because the footage is pretty good – is it me or does OmniOmegaOB remind you a little of Adam Sandler in the Waterboy crossed with Little Nicky.

These are just three peoples take on Unit 13 but if you have managed some hands-on time with the demo, then we would love to know what you thought of the game.