Download Twisted Metal patch today, issues addressed

Those who have had online connectivity issues with Twisted Metal will be pleased to know that a patch aimed at fixing these problems is out today along with news that once they have sorted them out Eat, Sleep, Play will be looking into the bugs and balancing.

The vehicular combat game has had various glitches since its release and news of the second patch for Twisted Metal comes from David Jaffe in a report on JustPushStart. In addition to this, upcoming fixes for the balancing issues and bugs will be looked at once this initial problem is solved, also one of the challenges they will be investigating is the XP in Nuke along the party system in the third patch when it releases.

Although this has only been out exclusively for about a week now there have been many responses to the difficulties that have been found with everything from lost points and missing skins to the party system. One issue expressed was that sometimes a few friends may want to join a party yet one may already be in a game and doing well at the time but will be pulled out into my game. This has given cause to leave the party system even though the chat feature is a great option.

Skill differences that are supposed to be split based are not distinguishing between those of varied percentages and there should be options to turn the balance on and off. A suggestion that those who quit after a match has started could be issued with some sort of penalty for doing so. Generally, many feel that once the online issues are fixed many people will settle down as this is a great game.

Only last week we looked at a visual review of the weapons, which showed us some insight on how to get the best out of your artillery. Useful tips were illustrated with videos of surviving longer with the best attacks, Helicopter (Talon) features and gameplay tips for those who need to become acquainted with everything from weapons and levels to vehicles and characters as well as a quick overview.

Twisted Metal looks like a unique game that has been well received even if it has a few issues that need ironing out, and it looks like they are on the case and taking note of any positive and negative feedback. For more information on the patch watch the video below. How has your experience of Twisted Metal been?


  • Rick

    Do you have a batch coming to be able to go to easy mode level?