PS VIta disappointment receives backlash

Whenever a new product is launched there will also be varying reviews and this is just the same with the PS Vita, but it seems those who suggest that Sony’s latest device is a disappointment has been receiving some backlash. Okay, so we know there are one or two issues with the Vita but for the most part it’s a great handheld console, and it seems a number of gamers share this outlook and feel that the negative comments are unjust.

We have read a fair amount of reviews regarding the Vita and have even spent a few hours with one to get a greater understanding, but it’s like all things, reading a review is just down to personal opinion and it’s down to the consumer to decide if a new product is for them or not. We have seen a couple of reviews now that seem to be negative towards the PS Vita, one article suggests the Vita is “Doomed to fail” while another article says “Sony shafted us all.”

Looking into the first negative review it’s clear to see they are happy with the specs and what the Vita has to offer, but they are not so sure of its future because they believe we have seen it all before and Sony hasn’t gone the extra mile to think out of the box. In short they see this more of an evolution rather than a revolution and seem to have based their article on saying Sony has thrown everything they got at this whereas the iPhone has taken a more simplistic route when it comes to gaming, and it’s for this reason why a number of gamers will disagree with such a statement.

Some gamers will say the main reason why gaming will never overtake traditional consoles is due to the fact of the thousands of other apps on the market that are there just for you to have a laugh, but surely this isn’t true? Gaming on smartphones and tablets are getting more popular with each new model and rumors of the iPad 3 show that it will increase in the popular market, although it will be a few years before they have any hope of competing with whatever Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo has to offer – if they ever will.

The biggest argument of all from gamers is how articles such as the one above hasn’t even given the Vita a chance yet, it’s as if they are trying to predict the future in a market they know nothing about but would you agree with this?

As for the other article their entire argument is based on a personal experience with the PSP and while we can agree with him on some points, how can you condemn Sony for their previous actions? Having said that he has pointed out that the Vita is a great device and has so much going for it, but there are several issues that need to be ironed out before he goes ahead and buys one.

This is a very personal view and while a few gamers will agree the majority disagree and believe it’s the best purchase they have ever made, but where do you stand?

  • Samuel Bernard

    For me, the PS Vita is AMAZING. This console is exactly what the Hardcore Gamer has been asking for.  It was genius for Sony to skip the 3DS market and aim straight from the PS3/360 market. It was most surprising to me to look on NEAR and find a lot of gamers who never owned a PS3 buying a PS Vita.  I did not expect to see XBox’ers gaming on a Sony device.

  • VXLbeast

    Indeed, it seems many people are desperate for the system to fail.

  • Evo

    I’ve noticed some reviewers simply going with the current news trend (copying) for the Vita to probably try and pick up more hits. One major game reviewer writes that there a issues that they expect to be fixed with firmware and five others report these as deal breakers. One day the vita is doomed due to memory card prices, then next they are expecting 12.5m sales in the first year. The reviews which are a rehash of the PSP review are the worst.  

  • Mercenary_4_hire

    The biggest issue with the Vita is that it is so limited with it’s crossplay feature.  Why should I have to buy another $50 Uncharted game when I already own all three for the PS3? The answer is, I shouldn’t. Same with the COD series. Who doesn’t have a copy of at least one COD game? Not allowing us to use the remote play feature with these games is going to be the Vita’s failure. I would place a pretty hefty bet, that if they freely opened this feature instead of going the route of trying to make us spend more and more money on Vita remakes of the PS3 classics we love, they would sell ten-fold more units. I would go further to wager they would sell more copies of the actual PS3 games that start at $60 if users could play them on either device. I think Sony’s greedy sales tactic in this case is going to end up costing them big time. IMO

    • Flames Bini

       i don’t know about COD but uncharted golden abyss is a completely different game from the three games on ps3
      it is based in a time before the first game and includes vita specific features such as motion aiming and touchscreen which can’t be done on the ps3.

      also the remote play feature is not decided by sony but by the game designers. there is a file called param.sfo which decides whether remote play is possible, and most of the existing games do not have it enabled only because the psp was not powerful enough to handle them, although this can be easily changed but it requires an update from the game devs and not from sony.

  • Brylewicz

    it’s obvious that actual users are alot more happy and positive with the ps vita, than the various articles and websites being overly negative with sony’s new gaming device. it actually shows that all these websites and blogs etc are the ones that are out of touch with what the consumer wants, not sony.
    I think portable gaming devices are not dead, there is a general feeling that people how were enjoyed portable gaming will now game on thier iphone, that’s so far from the truth.

    No previous portable gamer wants to downgrade thier experience from portable to smartphone, and some smartphone gamers will have the urge to upgrade thier portable gaming experience, thus increasing! the user base for products like ps vita, 3ds, not decreasing it.
    Smartphone gaming opens the door for people who had no interest or intention of gaming on portables. and some of those people might want to upgrade to better a better gaming experience afterwards, (3ds, ps vita)

    Think of it like first time drug users. if weed is mainstream product equivalent to a smartphone, then the ps vita is Cocaine. and alot of coke heads started of with……………weed. before wanting to move on to something more hardcore, obviously not every weed user will go on to harder drugs, but you get my point!

  • guest

    I’m waiting for remote play to be enabled on the majority of games before I buy. This was promised a year ago, but greed seems to be calling the shots now. (ie: Buy two versions of the same game).

  • Patc1179

    I dont think portable gaming is dead but the sony ps vita is total garbage Ive had 2 niether worked the screen would freeze on a daily basis. sometimes to a point where i couldnt even shut it off. 2 of them did that 2!!!! You think after the failure it was in japan maybe they would make a better product.  this is why i hate sony. Once again Sony failed I will never buy Sony gameing again.