The Last of Us fine points regarding characters

In recent posts we have looked at Naughty Dog’s upcoming title The Last of Us and because the excitement for this game continues to build, we are fascinated about all relevant details that are slowly emerging. Today we are looking at the finer points regarding the characters and what sort of personalities are to be expected.

We know now that the main characters are involved in a quest for survival in a post apocalyptic environment and from the information that has been presented there will not be an archetypal action hero or sexy heroine to rely upon. In an article on Game Rant they report on their initial expectation that Joel was going to be similar to that of Nathan Drake from Uncharted all be it an older version, yet the voice-over actor Troy Baker who plays Joel and the lead in the upcoming BioShock: Infinite talks about his character being unlike any hero in other games.

Baker mentioned that Joel is not a hero at all and because he is a survivor, his position is not that of a tough guy to be relied upon and more about the average person trying to get through every day. Ashley Johnson who plays Ellie also discusses the character and being a young girl this allows Johnson to embrace a character that doesn’t revolve around a female with sex appeal or heroic tendencies. At the beginning of the month we wrote a post on The Last of Us not being your mindless zombie game and as we find out more, it seems that the story is more about the characters and their personal struggle.

Fresh details have also been presented on as a few of the Naughty Dog team spoke with Playstation Magazine UK about The Last of Us and Uncharted not having much in common and even the gameplay will be different. With a more complex scenario the story will be less linear and more about decisions made, the background of a government conspiracy and the virus will not overpower the characters and their situation, many outcomes could be expected and multiple paths may be taken.

In another post, we looked at some of the shocking revelations made about the character Joel and that he is a sadistic brute who violently kills and tortures his victims, which makes us wonder what he is capable of in order to survive. Many assumptions have been made about the relationship between Joel and Ellie although not a lot of information has come out on this. Do you think the characters have a bond of friendship or is The Last of Us just about survival?