Half off PS Vita version of MLB 12: The Show

It appears that The Show on the PS3 has been the highest rated sports game over the past four years and on March 6th MLB 12: The Show will be available on both PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, not only is the welcome news for fans of the series but we have news on a great offer.

Those who get MLB 12 The Show on both PS3 and PS Vita will be able to save themselves $20 and details of this are documented on PlayStation.com. This discount will be on offer as soon as it comes out and it seems like consumer’s comments have prompted this bargain, as buying MLB 12 The Show on both consoles has resulted in a reward. When you look at the price of the PS Vita version for $39.99 and the PS3 game at $59.99 this would normally set you back just short of $100 for the pair.

For a combined price of $79.99 this amounts to half price for your PS Vita copy which is an ideal bargain for those who want to play at home and on the move. The two games will allow users to transfer Road to the Show mode, Season and Franchise save file between the PS3 and PS Vita wherever and whenever they require via the PlayStation Network. We would advise you to visit your retailer for more information on this limited-time offer and we are interested in what that entails exactly as a time limit has not been mentioned.

Only a few days ago we wrote a post on skepticism towards MLB 12: The Show exposure and the lack of pre-release demo although fans of the MLB didn’t seem to have an issue with this. In our article, we briefly noted some new improvements that look to take this popular game to a new high. The PS Vita version is the one I want to see in action as after a short experience of FIFA 12 on the Vita I was amazed how smooth this sports game was and unexpectedly found it better than the PS3 version.

In reply to the offer, even gamers that are not interested in sports titles are pleased with this bargain although some fans feel this could have been done with $20 coupons obtained when the PS3 version is purchased. Others would like to see a bundle specifically for the PS Vita although copies for both would allow the choice of playing while you’re out or at home with the Move support of PS3. This opportunity could be ideal in a situation where a friend owns a PS Vita and you both share the discount because not everyone will want buy the same game twice, many would like to see this introduced with all PS3 games although it would be even better if you got two games for the price of one.

Rather than getting two of the same titles in this offer would you like to see a mix and match or reduced bundle offer? For those who love to play their favorite games at home and on the move this is a great offer.