Not selling Mass Effect 3 hurts

There are just two days until Mass Effect 3 is released in the US but it’s the UK launch on the 9th of March that has been getting most of the attention, as there are huge consequence for GAME being unable to stock the new title from BioWare and EA. It’s no secret that this is a huge release and there are rumors that there could be a loss in revenue by £6 to 7 million and a drop in profit by £2 million.

It’s not that hard to come up with a figure like this, as you only have to work out how many copies ME3 will sell over the next few weeks in the UK and GAME having a 20 percent share of these sales, which is just what an article here has been reporting. This loss over the year would be a huge issue, as the retailer has also had to reward consumers by putting credit on their loyalty cards, something that we reported on a few days back.

With this in mind the total amount of lost profit could increase and this is on top of the company already expecting to lose money this year, with both GAME and Gamestation not being able to sell Mass Effect 3 will not only hurt them but also EA as well because sales will be affected, which could not come at a worse time.

The company was hoping they could send Shepard out with a bang, as this is the end of the line for the popular character and not forgetting this is the biggest game release so far in 2012. Having said that surely the big supermarket chains will be able to capitalize on this and also supply those Game and Gamestation customers with a copy of ME3, who we also know are usually cheaper as well?

We can’t help feel a little angry over this issue, as it takes away some of the limelight of what promises to be a superb game. Reviews for the game have already started to appear and early signs shows that Mass Effect 3 will get a decent score and for good reason, as this latest game from the franchise has much more to offer, such as more support, features and modes. It’s safe to say that in a couple of days time ME3 will become game of the week, but it’s hard to know how long such a title will keep people happy for? Having said that the DLC releasing on the same day will go a long way to keep the player amused, well those who pay for the privilege of the extra content that is.


  • CrimsonArk

    A “decent” score?
    I imagine it getting a 92-95 on Metacritic.
    Not as high as ME2, but close to it.

  • T2k123

    Lol its not really gonna hurt GAME, mass effect doesn’t sell well its rubbish. GAME doesn’t what tat all over there shelves

    • Nat_whiteley

      up yours

      • Nat_whiteley

        one of the best games going