Temple Run to inspire Android clones

How many times have you watched a movie and thought you’ve seen it before even when the movie just released, which is thanks to many ideas getting reused from movies released over the years. It’s hard to find original movies sometimes and the same can be said for gaming, especially when we see developers take ideas from other successes including reusing content from previous games that is seen as lazy developing to some people.

One of the most successful games on iOS right now is Temple Run and it’s set to inspire Android clones, which some programmers feel is a matter of when not if it will happen. A few of our readers might have played “Tiny Tower” on iOS, which following its success saw a game called “Dream Heights” launch that looked very familiar. Zynga and other big game developers keep an eye on what’s popular, so it’s obvious they’d find inspiration in other games that take the industry by surprise.

Direct rip-off’s vs. inspiration – it’s fair to say that a direct rip-off is not acceptable under any circumstances, although inspiration is what drives the gaming industry and you’ll find many developers being inspired by what others are doing. Let us know your thoughts on games that look very familiar to other successes before them, and also the idea of developers borrowing ideas to inspire future games?

In this article the author on NYT looks at how Temple Run became a bigger hit than Zynga Games, and leads the author to expect that Temple Run is likely to be copied by other large game developers like Zynga. We’d love to see something with a twist and this is good for the gamer that gets bored of Temple Run, but a clone seems pretty pointless in our opinion. Imangi had released 7 games before Temple Run and it wasn’t until the 8th release that they saw major success, which is another reason copycats annoy the smaller developers.

At the time of writing there is no official Temple Run for Android, although its dominance on iOS is teasing Android users, and fake apps appearing have been dismissed by those behind Temple Run who make it clear to keep an eye on their Facebook channel for official updates.

If you found an app that did something similar to Temple Run on Android, would you play it?

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  • Terryiir Culpepper

    Cave run 3d is similar to temple run

  • Dragonz9801

    Yes. But after real temple run come out, ill pkay that one

  • Username

    Yeah because the game would already be out.

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  • Abrakadabra

    Such a one sided article, falsely portraying android market as “clones of iOS market”. Obviously the writer lacked experience on both sides of the market.

  • fatima

    i  have it on my ipod