GTA 5 wrapped in developer tech sharing

The GTA 5 development team have been extremely tight lipped ever since revealing the trailer, although we’ve had a few rumors here and there that leave us with a desire to know more. Today we’ve tracked down some insider information, which states that developers are sharing tech and knowledge with each other and this involves Grand Theft Auto 5.

Take this information just like most gaming rumors and know that it’s sourced from an insider who hasn’t been revealed. This article states their source claims 2K Czech is helping with GTA 5, and has been doing so for just under a year now.

It has been confirmed the cinematic experience in GTA 5 is the part of the game they’re working on, although this is completely reliant on VG247’s source, and we know the source states this is a two-way arrangement, so you can expect Mafia III benefiting from this information sharing. This could be good news for those that enjoy playing Mafia games, although it might be bad news if you don’t want any ideas brought from the Mafia franchise to Grand Theft Auto.

The plot thickens with Mafia III thanks to their source hinting towards Xbox 720 involvement, so we could see this as a launch game if these rumors are to believe. Let’s hope GTA 5 stays with a launch on this generation, and that 2K Czech involvement brings some really cool cinematic experiences to the next GTA.

If this rumor turns out to be true – how do you like the idea of 2K Czech being involved in Grand Theft Auto V? You might also want to read about GTA 5 on the PS3 and possible Vita integration in an earlier article.

  • Linden

    Still no new info?? I’m getting pissed off at Rockstar

    • Jm

      they won’t reveal anything until E3 2012.

      • i’m finish

        what’s E3? 

        • Jm

          E3 is the Electronic Entertainment Expo – it’s a convention for people who work in the gaming industry. It is also where the major companies announce much of their big releases for the coming year.

  • Dymez

    If this is true, it’s great! I loved Mafia II and I don’t think it deserved the negative criticism it got. Playing as Vito in Mafia II felt like I was starring in a feature film. So with that, I’m highly positive that 2K Czech will help GTA V’s cinematic experience, greatly. And, of course, anybody and everybody can benefit with help from Rockstar. Sounds like an excellent exchange of wisdom.

  • Kid co


    • Dd

      Quit being a douche.

      • Kid co

        I know you are but what am I?
        I always get the last word

        • Harvard Nicks

          No matter how shitty it is, apparently.

          • Kid co

            I know you are but what am I?

  • Koothara

    2K Czech and Rockstar are sister concerns under parent company Take two.There is no surprise in this news. Take two = Rockstar+2K Games.

  • pLm


    • MyCousinVinny

      beautiful country, beautiful people

  • Lee Fender

    electronic Entertainment Expo. The annual video game conference and show at the Los Angeles Convention center.

  • Gdupmoney

    Mafia don’t compare to gta i was not feeling 2 at all

  • Twelve


    • Brad man

      That’s what she said

  • Daniele Alberi

    dicono che E3  2012  fanno una demo di gta 5 e un trailer sul vero gampley di gta 5

  • Jay

    Hope we will get some details at E3 this year.