Limited free offer for PS Vita owners

News of a free offer for PS Vita owners will be music to their ears no matter how limited it is, the giveaway in question is MotorStorm RC and this downloadable racer will be available on the PS3 and the PS Vita. This is a great idea for those who want to make use of their new handheld without worrying about whether a game is worth it.

MotorStorm RC will be available to buy on the PSN for $9.99 and PS Vita owners won’t have to pay anything for a limited time. This offer is reported in an article on Gamerant and they feel this is the ideal way to get more use out of you handheld at no extra cost, especially in view of the large collection of launch titles that are now accessible. With so many to choose from plenty of PS Vita owners are weighing up the cost of the games and not sure what ones are worth purchasing, but with an offer like this an opportunity to experience a free title cannot be missed.

MotorStorm RC releases today March 6 for the Vita and PS3 and talk of this remote controlled car game was highlighted on Kotaku late last year along with the features of the RC versions of rally cars that are involved in the proper editions of MotorStorm. With 8 different vehicles and 16 unique tracks there is plenty on offer and in this article they mention the buy one get one free offer, which allowed either PS Vita or PS3 owners to buy one version of the game for one console and receive another free on the other console.

Everything from Rally Cars and Supercars to Buggies, Superminis, Racing and Monster Trucks are available along with Big Rigs and Muscle Cars, which give users plenty of options where vehicles are concerned. With support for multiplayer, Sony’s superb offer does not just end there, as apparently MotorStorm RC might feature cross console multiplayer, and there is also news that the developer promises lots of downloadable content to be available at today’s launch.

There is not much information on the DLC yet although it is expected to make the game far more extensive, so those of you who are interested in this free download act quickly as it is only available for a limited time. Will you be acquiring MotorStorm RC for you new PS Vita?

  • Dog Tag

    if they would ever release it

  • Windsor793

    Is this only in the U.S or is it in the U.K also????