Voice acting overload in Resident Evil 6

News that Resident Evil 6 is to contain plenty of voice acting means that it will have a seamless conversation system that will be changeable depending on the circumstances of the situation. The amount of voice acting in this game may add another fresh feature to this aging series but how much is too much?

This new information has been made available from this weeks leak via Dengeki PlayStation magazine and a report on Siliconera looks into whether this feature will be taking the voice acting too far. The news that someone on the development team at Capcom questioned the amount involved is probably a good thing, as this shows that they are quizzical of what fans may think, although some are under the impression that once the actual development team are becoming inquisitive trouble with creation can arise.

Observing the success of Resident Evil Whatculture are curious to how long this series will survive considering the similarities between the games. In this game the characters will be fighting biohazards in three locations at once spreading the story worldwide devouring large areas of the planet. As the series continues to blow up and explode so many areas it won’t be long before Resident Evil will take place in a baron land with nothing to save other than the characters themselves.

More Resident Evil games are expected on the 3DS, as this is the aim from Capcom producer Masachika Kawata and feedback to Revelations has motivated this action. Eurogamer report on their decent score of 8 out of 10 for the game and although Kawata has a few projects to contend with now, a new Resident Evil Revelations isn’t far from the thoughts of the producer.

A few weeks ago, we let fans in on a new shoot while moving feature in Resident Evil 6 and many feel that this would have been useful in the last two games. The conversation system could be a great way to add to the feel of non-linear scenarios. Do you think that this is the ideal genre to include too much voice acting?