Penultimate Uncharted 3 DLC details before conclusion

Next week Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is expecting a new Co-op Shade Survival Mode, and with more DLC coming in April we are intrigued to know any details of this before it arrives so that we can inform our readers what to look out for.

The Co-Op Shade Survival mode will be available from March 13th and this will introduce a new multiplayer game for you to join in a beat some of the games toughest enemies with your friends, and this information is documented on GameZone. The DLC will offer a wave-based gameplay that includes eight rounds with a progressively harder Djinn to overcome, and Naughty Dog community strategist Eric Monacelli comments on the Djinn’s ability to teleport and catch fire, which adds to the competition for team strategy with later rounds imposing a skill developed Djinn with more firepower and armor.

Bigger cash amounts will be accessible playing in this mode with more opportunity to level up, so new medals are to be expected as well as new objectives like the Marked Man feature that will have Djinn protected by bodyguards. For this one off download it will cost $5.99 but members of the Fortune Hunters’ Club will be able to download it for free on the PlayStation Store. For $24.99, you can get all of the packs including the other upcoming final 14th DLC coming in April.

In other news patch 1.07 is live and available for download for all PSN subscribers, and the details are explained in an article on Gamepur, which mentions that this new patch is a small fix for minor issues in the multiplayer section of Uncharted 3. When connecting to Multiplayer it checks for ‘old’ version of Flashback Map Pack #2 and asks users to download the Map Pack from the PSN Store (EU users only), this prevents from playing on Flashback Map Pack #2 maps if the new version is not downloaded making sure that all Uncharted 3 DLC owners are using the correct version of the Flashback Map Pack #2.

Only last month we informed our readers of the 1.05 patch that has fixed many issues and that this will have to be downloaded to experience the upcoming DLC online. Maybe it would be wise to become a member of the Fortune Hunters’ Club? Will you be looking to get the new DLC?