Visualizing Starhawk Beta Update 1.3 content

Yesterday the Beta Update 1.3 for Starhawk was launched with new content that is expected to please many fans out there, as it is down to their testing that the previous bugs have been looked into. Many new features and fixes have been introduced as a result of feedback and we are interested in what this involves.

A new epic 32 Player Map: Planet Dust is the first to mention, as not a lot of detail is divulged on, although there is plenty of information on the tanks and bikes. The Sidewinder Jetbike is a speedy vehicle that is tough to hit and this is an ideal way to employ damage with hit a run attacks and quick road kills, not only that it jumps. Short on speed the Ox Tank compensates with brute force and firepower, which allows the user to destroy enemy walls and structures surviving attacks with options of assault mechs with explosive shells?

The Starhawk beta ends on March 27th to prepare for its May 8th release, so now is a good time to access the beta available free on the PSN now. Since this has gone live all PlayStation Network users many issues have been hit on by player testing and an article on GameTrailers looks at some of the advantages this has had, including the fact that the Starhawk beta will not last forever. Once the testing is over it will be gone and current feedback has been a great way to actively seek out any problems and issues that need attention.

At the beginning of the year, we looked at how anticipation has grown for the Starhawk beta following previews, as the amount of focus on the multiplayer action has shown signs of fruition and after a short time spent on the beta there was plenty on offer. With the new beta we can expect some of the small issues that were highlighted back then to be cleared up, it looks like it is going to be a promising title for this year with many comments viewing the gameplay experience as a lot of fun.

To see the Ox Tank and Sidewinder Jetbike in action watch the video below. Have you tried the Starhawk beta? We suggest you hurry up as it ends on March 27th.