BF3 DLC contrast with Close Quarters / Armored Kill

It’s not easy trying to cater to every gamer although developers like DICE are trying to do their best with a range of Battlefield 3 DLC that caters to different gamers. If they space this BF3 DLC out too much then it could upset some people, although having upcoming expansions like Close Quarters and Armored Kill too close would cause problems for the developer.

Do you think DICE are doing the right thing with BF3’s Armored Kill and Close Quarters? Details have been revealed about these two downloadable content packs, which will see Close Quarters focused on infantry-only that should prove to be an experience perfect for showing Frostbite 2 at its best, although some gamers feel the lack of vehicles steps away from what they love about Battlefield 3.

This is where Armored Kill comes in and as you can tell by the name should give those vehicle lovers a lot of pleasure, especially considering you’ll get to experience new mobile artillery, ATV’s, tanks, and a lot more. The battlefield will also be perfect for these vehicles, which means a massive landscape to enjoy that promises to be the biggest map ever made for the franchise.

We love what DICE has done with some nice contrast and gamers don’t have to download the expansions if they don’t like either one of them, although it’s amazing that each DLC will focus on being more than just average, one being the almost perfect FPS experience on foot and the other massive with loads of vehicles. This could give some gamers an experience they hate and another that is the best ever felt, so in summary it’s going to be something to remember.

Battlefield 3 delivers a war-like experience MW3 gamers could only dream about, although this is just my opinion, but whatever you think of the upcoming DLC you could do a lot worse on other FPS games.

Will you be downloading both Battlefield 3 expansions when they land? You can read the full details on DICE’s website here. Early stats for Battlefield 3 Close Quarter Combat are very positive, and we’ll be sure to share findings once both DLC’s are released.

  • Dave

    I’ll wait until I see the trailer for close quarters before I decide to buy it. However, seeing the preview so far the map looks pretty bland and uninspiring.

    • Kevin Schimes

      You mean like Karkand seemed?  All map packs look bland and then deliver a good experience, or they look amazing (due to the dev deciding to put only cool parts of the maps in the trailer) and then actually suck.

  • Anonymous

    I wont judge the whole expansion based on one map, and I do want the 10 new guns that come wiyh it, so more than likely im going to buy CQC.

  • Tom Sawyer

    Writer: You failed to deliver the most important piece of information pertaining to the article, WHEN! You know, the fundamental who, what , when, where when writing? Yeah you forgot one, the most important one. Jeez. “SO there’s this really cool DLC coming…yup, end of story”…WTF?

    • Tom Sawyer

      FYI, I had to read on another site, that the first DLC will be released in June, with two more releasing in the Fall and Winter.

    • Codra9

      sorry bro, you should check all the articles on bf3/battlelog, im pretty sure DICE hasnt even release that info yet. Im curious to know when too. Im kinda bummed to hear of 2 seperate expansions one for vehicles and on for ground game. I feel they should try n suit all people with each expansion. but unfortunatly eversince the quick release of this game. it seems the new producers of BF franchise are only out for a cash, and not providing the best next gen experience. I miss BF2. alot of huge things have been removed and it hurts my heart to have the newer game be lesser than the old one on some fronts.

  • Stozzy

    i’m in… I love what Dice has done so far with BF3 and i’m stoked they’re actively working on new content to cater everyone’s play style, not gear towards one sided playability (Cod much?). BF3 is hands down the best fps multiplayer i’ve seen to date (on next gen) aside from Max Payne 3 (which i havnt played yet, but HEARD was fantastic)