Future plans for Temple Run after Android

With just under two weeks to go until the release of Temple Run on Android we thought we would look ahead at the future plans for this popular app, because it’s not just Android users who have been missing out on this game that has taken the world by storm. Now before you get too excited there are no plans to bring the app out for BlackBerry or Windows Phone, which is a shame and we can’t be certain if there are any alternatives either.

Imangi has hinted that once they get the Android release of Temple Run out of the way they could consider a version for the Mac App Store, and they could also buckle under the pressure and give users what they want, a Facebook version. If this is true then Imangi looks set to take the fight to Zynga, who we know is the daddy when it comes to web-based games.

Temple Run is such a huge success that the developers have started to receive all sorts of requests, and they show no signs of stopping just yet. We could be about to see merchandise for the game begin to appear in our shops later this year and could be the next big thing over the holiday season – although not certain it will have the same appeal as Angry Birds has with the kids?

During a recent interview from an article here the couple behind Temple Run said that once they get this sort of attention there’s a fear they will find it much harder to stay independent, but they don’t aim to become too big even if they have had to take on a few more staff. There have already been a few offers from some big publishers, but they have so far refused them.

With Android users finally about to get Temple Run iOS users will be happy to know that an update is due shortly, we can expect more environments, objectives and even some new power ups.

Rumors of a Temple Run movie were always going to happen because this is just following in the footsteps of Angry Birds. We have a video for you to watch below and although it’s easy to see that this is a spoof fans of the game believe that a movie version of Temple Run would be awesome, so we would love for you to share your ideas with us on how this could be achieved.


  • Servandomartinez95

    They should make it for xbox 360

  • Anonymous

    even they don’t have plan to submit this app to blackberry appworld, blackberry playbook users who want this game can still enjoy playing temple run in playbook via android player.