Diablo 3 receives undisputed release date

We’ve been made to wait a long time for the Diablo 3 release date, and finally it has been confirmed for May 15 within the last couple of hours. The following this franchise has means it will certainly be a massive hit, and fans have a very good idea on what to expect thanks to the constant feedback from Blizzard.

The amount of news and rumors trickling out has meant that the diehard fan has been well informed, and any news just a few days late is “old news” but hearing about a launch date for the popular title is right off the press and just a few hours old.

In 61 days time you’ll be able to join the fast-paced action and get Diablo 3 in popular retailers, which include a range of countries but not all will allow for both the retail version and digital download. The full details on what counties are offering the different media can be seen in this article on the official website, which also details the journey up to this release.

The Diablo III Collector’s Edition – this will be sold as an exclusive to retail stores and at $99.99, which includes a 208-page Art of Diablo III book, the soundtrack CD, behind-the-scenes two-disc set, a 4GB USB soulstone that has selected versions of Diablo II, and of course the full game. Again the full details are available via the above link, and explains how the game was built from scratch to take advantage of the functionality seen in the Battle.net platform.

Will you be pre-purchasing Diablo 3, and how long have you been waiting for this release date? You can read some of our previous stories on Diablo 3 via this page, although feel free to keep connected via our social channels for future updates.