Another BioShock Infinite boss revealed

With another 7 months to go before BioShock Infinite is released new information on another boss has been revealed to occupy us while we wait, this upcoming first-person shooter is not a direct sequel or prequel to previous BioShock games but it does contain similar gameplay concepts and themes.

A new trailer by 2K Games shows one of the game’s Heavy Hitters mini-boss types, the Boys of Silence, and this is shown on the CVG website with some insight from the developers. Ken Levine the creative director informs us that it is as if you envisage the cameras in the first game but have them walking and looking around for you, adding to this lead artist Shawn Robertson refers to them as blind although they can hear you. This will give the gamer an option of trying to veer around them unnoticed or face them directly, although you are warned that infuriating them will get them to call for back up.

Some may feel that by the time this comes out there will be no surprises left as CVG also have a trailer showing off the handyman, and these characters were revealed in the announcement trailer. The Handymen are massive, powerful bosses that will show amazing agility for their size and this will be used to great effect because they will be able to pick up friends, enemies or AIs, and chuck them at other people, so even the enemies will find the Handyman a dangerous threat.

As we continue to let you in on more details there is also a report on the same website that talks about the amount of writing involved in this installment, apparently there is about triple that of the first game and BioShock creator Ken Levine says this goes for the scripting and character interactions making it an overwhelming feat. In an interview on Eurogamer he said they didn’t really contemplate how much of this would be required especially the chats between Booker and Elizabeth, the writing in one level is near four times the amount in the whole of BioShock 1.

After a recent discussion with CVG, Levine gave reason to believe the Heavy Hitters will add more variety and strategy to the franchise’s combat, and back in November, we wrote about Bioshock’s convincing characters and how they were created. We hope there will be more revealed in the coming months, as plenty of information has already been divulged. What are your feelings on another new boss revealed?