Hints of Skyrim or Fallout for iPad 3 tantalize

If you were to ask the question if there was a way to play Skyrim or Fallout on an iOS device the answers would be varied, while there are possible ways to do this they do not give you the full fat version of either game – what is needed is an official release. Whenever we hear such rumors of this happening we are always a little skeptical but there have been recent hints that Skyrim or Fallout could be coming to the new iPad 3.

Let’s consider that this is the real deal you can bet a months earnings that Apple will tantalize the new app, which could look amazing on the third-generation iPad – if done right that is. We shouldn’t get too ahead of ourselves just yet because all Bethesda has done is advertise a new job listing, but either title would be just what Apple’s new tablet device needs to keep it ahead of the game.

In that job listing it asked for a programmer familiar with iOS and Bethesda’s games, now you can understand why we have jumped to this conclusion but they have yet to reveal which of their titles the successful candidate will be working on.

Even though the power of the new iPad has seen an increase over previous models there are still question marks over its ability to provide enough power to run Skyrim, but The Elder Scrolls IV is always a possibility – if there’s still a need for the game? Fallout 3 should be fine, but will always be a lesser version of what we have come to love.

You have to wonder why such a job posting was listed so soon after the release of the iPad third-generation, it’s as if the developers had been waiting for the day that a more powerful tablet from Apple was released. There’s also a rumor that there will be an iOS version of an Elder Scrolls MMO, which we reported on a few days back.

We know that the new iPad has five times the graphics power as the iPad 2 but do you think it has enough performance to run an open world game like Elder Scrolls or Fallout on?