Worrying Splinter Cell Retribution action emphasis

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Retribution is rumored to be released sometime this year although Ubisoft deny this, but it hasn’t stopped their Toronto studio from teasing us with details of this anticipated game. Apparently, the new Splinter Cell will be looking back to one of franchise’s root themes with familiar parts and action movie elements.

This news comes as details on this new game are supposed to be announced soon, as more speculation revolves studio head Jade Raymond has apparently let on that the title will be called Splinter Cell Retribution. In an article on CVG they report on Raymond’s information on one of its root themes and that they will paying some attention to this part of the game, along with action flick elements. Not much more was divulged other than the confirmation that they are currently focused on Splinter Cell, one hundred percent.

A return of stealth is a feature fans would like to see, as this was missed during the last game and going back to the pace of the first games is a good way to revive a familiar feel to the series. Opinions are split on Splinter Cell Conviction as some liked it and some did not, although the stealth feature is one that many would like to see, and this is documented on AtomicMPC. In this, they talk about how they respected the brave decision to take the franchise in a new direction with Splinter Cell: Conviction although the author is not a big fan of stealth.

Not everyone shares this view and some of fans of the series from the beginning are not overly impressed with the new direction taken in the last title, especially given the history of the game and what enticed people to play it in the first place. Do you think less attention should be paid to the “action flick elements” and more focus should remain on the popular stealth? On the other hand, you might feel that a bit of both would keep the balance.