Latest WWE 13 Wrestler rumors

It may not have been long since WWE 12 has been available but those looking forward to WWE 13 will be interested in some rumors floating around about the roster in the next installment, who is in, and who is out are our main concerns as we also investigate whether any will get the boot.

Diamond Dallas Page has been touted to make an appearance according to an article from ESPN, as he mentioned to them that he would not be ruling out a return considering his role in recent WWE titles, and CaptainStarBall report on a return for DDP, as he has not featured in one since 2002’s Smackdown Shut Your Mouth. Former five time WWE Tag Team Champions, New Age Outlaws are also rumored to be included and IGOGaming write about Road Dogg giving confirmation about his voiceovers for the new game, he also said that Billy Gunn will play a part, and speculation surrounds an Attitude Era theme like that in WWE 12’s Road to Wrestlemania mode.

Sean Waltman, also known as X-Pac, has had a recent fan’s tweet speak about how much he was offered to reprise his part in WWE 13 and this could also involve a D-Generation X reunion. Apparently, THQ will be less concerned about backstage brawls in the story mode due to negative responses that were encountered in the Road to WrestleMania mode, so they have promised to use this feature sparingly. This was easily answered when a fan asked Cory Ledesma on twitter for this to be looked into and his reply was “done!”

Ledesma recently twitted that while he was in Japan his discussions on the story mode with Yuke’s went on for about 7 seven hours. In other related news CaptainStarBall write about the absence of Dr. Death Steve Williams in WWE 13, which WWEGames Community Manager Marcus Stephenson has confirmed with an abrupt answer of “no” when asked by a fan. Only last week we reported on the WWE 13 roster and what we expect to see highlighting THQ’s mission to focus more on the superstars.

WWE 13 much like the other games is expected this fall and there are a few characters we would like to see. With THQ, giving fans the opportunity to comment on the wrestlers, are there any you are eager to see? Maybe there are some that don’t interest you.



  • Keyshawnpryer13

    put back in batista and chris jericho

  • Key@bigboy

    I think A-Train should be put in the game as adittude era superstar!

  • Papa661

    Chris Jericho,RVD, and APA Tag Team

  • Papa661

    Ken Shamrock

  • Titansfinatic89

    Rowdy roddy piper
    Andre the giant
    Chris benoit
    Bret the hitman hart
    Shane mcmahon
    Ric flair
    Mankind amongst his other personas
    Hulk hogan
    Funkasaurous rex

  • Donlino55

    The Dudley Boys

  • K F’N B

    Ultimate f’n Warrior!

  • Jfhall247

    They need to focus on legends that people can’t create in CAW.

    Road warriors (bc of Hawk)
    Rick Rude ( his entrance is never included)
    New age outlaws ( Tag entrance at least)
    Arn Anderson ( hairstyle has never been included)
    Brutus beefcake ( entrance is never included)


    I would like to see the following NEW stars as long as they debut soon on the main roster:

    Damien Sandow, Ryback, Seth Rollins, Richie Steamboat, Husky Harris (with his new gimmick), Kassius Ohno (formerly Chris Hero), Antonio Cesaro (Hero Tag Partner) and Dean Ambrose.  As well as Lord Tensai (Formerly A-Train/Prince Albert)

    Wrestlers from the “Attitude” Era i’d like to see in WWE 13 as Legends would be:

    DX – HBK, HHH, X-Pac and New Age Outlaws Road Dogg and Billy Gunn
    Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Corporate Rocky (his heel persona that was with the McMahons and Corporation)
    The Headbangers (still a good tag team today)
    The Radicalz – Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko (obvious Benoit won’t be included)
    Diamond Dallas Page
    Andrew “Test” Martin (he was a big part of Attitude Era)
    Booker T
    Big Bossman
    Shane O’Mac

    Trish Stratus
    Chyna (DX Version)
    Torrie Wilson


    oh and APA tag team of Ron Simmons and JBL or just Bradshaw as he was known as then when he was Cool

  • Rowdy89

    every single wrestler and diva from the origianl wwf attitude like masked kane stone cold hbk hhh new age outlaws apa shamrock the brood the oddities undertaker mankind the rock and others from the era like the hardy boys the dudleys lita trish chyna d lo brown mark henry al snow jeff jarrett the headbangers mosh and thrasher steve blackman the godfather val venis taka michinoku test and sable and marc mero would be great

  • Leo_78

    yo quiero que este en el videojuego de la wwe´13 jeff hardy debe de estar por que seria muy mal que no este y que este desbloqueado

  • Janson Gudger

    i want chris benoit,psycho sid, test,ken shamrock,DX,bret hart,RVD,anyone from the attitude era,chris jericho,stone cold,the rock,HHH.original kane,booker t,big boss man

  • Janson Gudger

    ahmed johnshon,kurt angle,and APA

  • Real_premonition

    Ministry of Darkness. Test. Dudley Boys

  • balboa316

    Well since they are haveing DDP from WCW during that time, then they should include the NWO (Hogan, Nash and Hall) and Macho Man in his Madness attire, HBK is a must, and Bret Hart with heel Hart foundation would be nice. Then of course Austin, Rock, Foley and Goldberg.