New setback for Silent Hill: Book of Memories

More delay news is forecast for those expecting to get hold of Silent Hill: Book of Memories this week although there has been nothing official confirming this from Konami yet, as the PlayStation Vita game has been dated at on May 31, which seems like quite a lengthy time delay.

A second delay of this highly anticipated release has also been noted by GameFly, who echo the above date, and mention that this game was meant to be available at the time of the Vita’s launch. In an article on PSX Extreme, they talk about the release being pushed to March much like the Silent Hill HD Collection, but now a further setback is causing an expectation that this better be a good title. The new software that the PS Vita uses should make Book of Memories a decent acquisition, although the general feeling is that this is probably what fans of the series have come to expect.

With the release date, changing from March 27 to May 31 many may feel that this game is disappointing more and more fans, as the gameplay videos haven’t done it much justice and some are in the opinion that this might not even come out at all. Mixed responses to Silent Hill Downpour have also leaned more in the direction of this game not being as highly anticipated as first thought, yet those who have pre-ordered Book of Memories are not pleased with this recent news.

In last months article we spoke about Silent Hill: Book of Memories and how we expect it to be a top game challenging others in that position and although this game will be ideal for newcomers and long-term fans, as some familiar features are back. What do you think about this delay? Hopefully Konami will give an explanation or confirmation of this.