New Xbox Live users given free codes

Microsoft are doing all they can to ensure that they increase their Xbox Live Gold users by offering a new promotion that will see XBL Free users be given five Xbox 360 games free of charge, but only if they sign up to the premium subscription.

This seems a pretty good deal because users only need to sign up to Xbox Live Gold for six months at a cost of £26.66, for this you will receive copies of Fable III, Halo: Reach, Kinect Sports, The Gunstringer and Toy Soldiers via the dashboard. If you were to purchase these games they would come up to at least £125, so seems like a no-brainier.

This does seem a little unfair because this offer is not available to those who already have a Gold subscription, but then again this is no surprise because this happens in many other industries as a way to gain new customers. We are told that this offer will end on April 3, 2012 and will take four to six weeks for the download codes for the free games to be sent to you.

Microsoft are pretty shrewd because not only will they gain more Gold customers but we could also see more Xbox 360 consoles being sold as a result, but shouldn’t Microsoft show their existing users some love as well? Having said that Live Gold members receive a number of goodies throughout the year, as long as they follow the promotions.

There will still be gamers who are apprehensive about this because they still do not feel comfortable with handing over their card details, but you can always use sub cards instead of your debit or credit cards.

We’re told that this deal is US only, so unsure why the source has used Sterling? We have looked on Xbox Live and we currently see no such deal, but we have been told by customer support that the deal is ongoing.