Alan Wake PS3 consideration not likely

As Alan Wake recently made its way to the PC, we were wondering whether this franchise would ever appear on the PS3 and by the sounds of it this idea has not even been considered. Oskari Häkkinen who is the head of Remedy Entertainment commented on this in an informative interview and stated that AW is a PC and Xbox 360 friendly franchise with no plans to brace the PlayStation.

His response referred to the relationship of Uncharted ending up on another platform although Sony owns Uncharted, whereas Alan Wake is a Remedy franchise. In an article on GAMING BLEND they discuss how this popular series would never come to the PS3, and how this franchise will remain exclusive to these platforms, even though there has been speculation in the past of Alan Wake 2 appearing on Sony’s console.

Many may feel that this has been said about other games and although there are many titles exclusive to different platforms a change of heart may come about when the next-gen consoles arrive. If a game is good, you cannot deny that it should be made for everyone to experience, and even though the different hardware may give varied results if there is enough people that want the game it is always worth considering.

In other related news Electronic Theatre mention that Remedy have no plans to make more episodes of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare’ and they are not discarding the idea altogether, but this is not being entertained at the moment. They will be continuing with the Alan Wake franchise but an American Nightmare 2 is far from their thoughts, if Night Springs is popular, they might do more.

Last month we looked at responses to Alan Wake on the PC and Remedy spoke about some areas that need attention. Do you think many PS3 users are overly concerned about news of their console not even being considered? Would this be an issue if the Alan Wake franchise becomes even more popular in the future?

  • Shortysvilla

    First I must say that I dig this website and somewhat bothered noone ever comments. Now in regards to your article, Alan Wake is a great franchise. A franchise that is funded by Microsoft studios, as seen in the credits in the opening of the game. Same with the Gears of War franchise, all funded by Microsoft. So these titles, including Halo are all funded by a rival company that would not want Sony in on it. Microsoft would like to dominate the market and does so with many of it’s cash cows. Sony also has their own franchises as well; Infamous, Uncharted and  the Ratchet and Clank series. I fortunately own both consoles and love them equally, as all TRUE gamers should.

    • Taylor Made

      yeh but Sony actually owns the studios that make uncharted, infamous, LBP, Killzone as for MS they just pretty much pay third party developers for exclusives (not saying Sony doesn’t also do that Heavy Rain)

      Anyway Alan Wake can come to the PS3 is just Remedy not making it happen. Do you remember Mass Effect 1, was funded and published by MS (to my knowledge) but then BioWare did a deal with EA so now since EA are publishing the game it can comee to all consoles, so basically if Remedy did a deal with a third party developer Alan Wake 2 can come to ps3 just not one.

      But Alan Wake is not that much of a lose to be honest, it would have done well on the ps3 (not saying it didnt do well on 360) but it suits ps3 genre of games adventure story concetrated (if that makes any sense lol).

      • Shortysvilla

        Yes you are correct but this is highly doubtful. MS is very content with the series where as Mass Effect wanted a broader audience and they were not funded my MS but they were an exclusive to MS.