Next-gen Jedi Knight revival possibility

A recent job advertisement posted online a couple of days ago gives us reason to believe that LucasArts could be developing a FPS for next-generation consoles. In the description the title of this advert lets us in on news that the person that takes this job offer will be working with thier team on a first-person shooter.

Senior Core Engineer is the job in question and Gamerzines report on the specifics stated for this role, which “will be the engine level specialist responsible for implementing cutting edge features and optimizations on current and Future Generation console and PC hardware.” Their main responsibility will be providing technical expertise to develop high-performance game engine technology, which is linked to other job ads in the past that have pointed towards LucasArts working on a next-generation title.

This ad reveals information on an FPS title, which amounts to us putting two and two together and coming out with a first-person shooter for next-generation consoles, and Gamerzines will not be the only ones jumping to this conclusion especially since LucasArts hasn’t released an FPS since Star Wars: Republic Commando in 2005. With other titles like Star Wars: Dark Forces, Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Knight: Dark Forces another Jedi Knight game could be a reasonable possibility.

In other Star Wars related news more speculation surrounds a new Battlefront game in development and this would be a welcome addition for fans of Star Wars: Battlefront II, although no official announcements have been made Examiner documents these rumors giving fans a “new hope” for another title in the franchise. Star Wars fans have been waiting years since Battlefront II for a sequel and rumors have been escalating for a few years now, and official sources have reignited the flames suggesting that the game is in development and that we should expect this to be massive.

Ex-employees of LucasArts informed Kotaku that Battlefront III was in the creation process back in 2006, in addition to this, one of the new features explained was the opportunity to have a more extensive exploration of obtainable enemy spaceships. Other news of game-play footage for Battlefront III being leaked to IGN from former Free Radical Design developer was ordered to be removed by LucasArts.

With no official announcement on Star Wars: Battlefront III or a Jedi Knight game on the next-gen consoles, we are keeping our fingers crossed for news on both coming soon. As rumors continue to do the rounds, do you think a new Jedi Knight game will be considered for the next generation consoles?