Explaining SWTOR Patch 1.2 Legacy System

To help you get to grips with the upcoming SWTOR Patch 1.2, we have looked at an overview of the Legacy system and highlighted the progress as far as subscription numbers are concerned. The Legacy System is a set of levels that every character in your account on the same server can contribute towards to, with more levels unlocking bonuses.

This system allows both your Empire and Republic characters to play a part, although being a per-server basis only those who have characters on other servers will not be part of the Legacy family you have on another, so this will be an issue for those with multiple characters and servers. In an article on MMO Site a brief YouTube video will give you a quick idea, and the website also gives us a detailed explanation with everything from the SWTOR 1.2 legacy window and global unlocks to species and much more.

Plenty of focus revolves around the Global Unlocks and later on in the article they talk about a tab reserved for features in the Legacy system coming with update 1.3, and this will have four categories as opposed to the three in the 1.2 patch. In the Advancement category there will be loads of unlocks available, and those of you who just like to use PvP to level up will be able to unlock the Warzone experience boost and level up with this.

On other SWTOR news, Ripten reports on BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic taking a chunk out of the World of Warcraft subscription figures, with WoW subscriber numbers decreasing since the beginning of 2011. Blizzard’s John Lagrave feels that the launch of BioWare’s SWTOR has had an affect and currently The Old Republic has over 1.7 million subscribers whereas World of Warcraft has been struggling with player retention following the release of Cataclysm.

Senior World of Warcraft producer John Lagrave said that some smart analysts do the job of finding out where WoW players go and many people are trying out Star War, even his one of his own team. He is also aware that some subscribers are waiting for Mists of Pandaria before signing up again, as Blizzard’s MoP will have the type of quality expected from these developers and even though this title is not for everyone, it will be interesting to review the figures 3-6 months after its release.

A couple of weeks ago we reported on the confusion over SWTOR subscriptions as they are on the up but there are no figures to confirm this yet, and with the latest SWTOR Patch 1.2 and an upcoming 1.3 we might have information BioWare’s SWTOR numbers these patches have settled in. Will you be acquiring the next update to enhance your experience of Star Wars: The Old Republic?

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