Reactions following Skyrim 1.5.26 update

PC update 1.5.26 for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is seen to be a lightweight fix, although it does rectify problems with plug-ins causing crashes and we are interested to see what the reactions are involving the last patch. Available now, the 1.5.26 update should be automatically downloaded through Steam and restarting your client may be of assistance if you’re experiencing issues.

The trouble with crashing is a PC problem and the other fixes are mainly cosmetic yet console gamers should expect patch 1.5 soon for the Xbox 360 and PS3. This information is documented on VG24/7 along with an amusing reconstruction video of Skyrim by College Humor that has had a lot of attention. In response to the 1.5.26 update, some gamers are airing their views about the 1.5 patch on the official Bethesda Blog and although the recent updates have had some bug fixes, there are other issues that need to be focused on.

In the 1.5.26 patch attention has been paid to fixing issues with frequency of first person kill cameras, crashing when loading certain plugins, problems with the sun not appearing properly after fast travel and the underwater effects should now display clearly. On Bethesda’s site, some gamers have been expressing their feelings about the 1.5, there are a few cases where some are experiencing an extremely low framerate; other fixes have been asked for like one for the dialog UI for mouse users since day one, as the mouse cursor location is being ignored and users are ending up with the wrong choice.

Problems with a strange shadow glitch has been witnessed with the introduction of 1.5 and other bugs are mentioned like the occasional kill that gets back up and returns to a combat stance while their corpses are being looted. Just over a week ago, we wrote about the 1.5 patch notes giving our readers the opportunity to look through them and inform us what may be missing, and there are some highlighted that have been talked about for a while.

With plenty of issues fixed there will always be news of more and while the latest patch seems to be a lightweight fix we expect more feedback as far as new and older issues that have not been resolved. Whether you play Skyrim on the consoles or on the PC we are interested to hear of any problems you may have experienced.

  • Lasecret

    I hope Bethesda loks at some of the better add-ons and patches and incorporates them… especially the more practical one like inventory sorting. I CANNOT understand why my light potion of whateverism is sooo far away from my strong potion of whatchamajigged

    • LordAbbadon0666

       they also need to fix the bard quests where you go and get those damned instruments that never come off of your inventory

  • Jay

    I loved this game.  I’ll probably re-install it after a few LARGE dlc’s come out.  Should be good fun!  Hopefully they add new weapons and perks.

  • Chuck Chriest

    “Striking the heart” quest is broken on the Xbox 360 I go to the vandheim towers and no one is there for me to kill only an arrow pointing  to a spot in the middle of the bridge . I really don’t want to start over my girl has every thing i wanted except I’m a stupid werewolf and would love to get the cure and marry Aela the huntess but No I can’t finish the quest, but I did a quest where I took out all the forsworn at a mine then uncovered a town that just let me get the quest then turn around and get paid so WTF? shouldn’t that part of the questline be finished, right? I have a few quests that do that. they need to fix these problems.

    • vindictus

      im having the same problem in my game, your not the only one mate so i know how you feel, its been atleast three patches later and my game still isnt fixed, i hope when the update comes to the 360 it will fix this broken quest because no-one is at vandhieim towers in my game for striking the heart quest. other problems include a dragon corpse following me around and normally spawning in the middle of whiterun

  • Dave Minnich

    Well I guess THIS is why I can no longer play!  I click on “play” in the launcher and immediately get “Skyrim has stopped working”.  GREAT!  

  • RonnMaster

    Been playing for 4+ months. All I want is a final quest and ultra hard boss that force me to use my strongest magic, potions and everything. You know, an epic battle to save the universe or something. Alduin was a joke.

  • Lol

    put it on hard with no armor

  • Ttyoubly

    That kill ennodius papius still needs to be fixed!!!!!!

  • Future Lead Game Designer

    COME ON and release the update for CONSOLES already! I dont blame bethesda, but i am mad at microsoft and sony for being so dang slow.

  • Brian

    i have a ps3 and i happy with the FPS fix but i want them ranged kill cams.
    and i really want some new weapons like bombs throwing knives and crossbows

  • Bernie Surita

    For the PS3…the update made the game WORSE!  As soon as your playable character hits the water and submerges the game freezes!  Happens every time!  If they don’t fix it soon i’m completely done with this game forever!  It is utterly ridiculous that they claim to fix old bugs and new ones arise!

  • Ronald Alejandro Galindo

    I’m on PS3. This patch is suposed to fix crashes, well my game has crashed twice since I got update 1.5… This is like the 20th time the game has a massive crash, it’s just ridiculous, none of my other PS3 games had crashed so many times (DMC4 once and Tekken 6 once, but it was an online related issue). I’m done with Bethesda, and I’m glad Skyrim was my first game by them, I enjoyed it as much as I could, but this new “fix” does it, I’m out of patience and I don’t really care about DLC or Bethesda related stuff anymore. I’m playing Gran Turismo 5 now :)