MW3 Double XP specifically for new playlist

There are new modes for MW3 and as a way of helping to celebrate this there is now Double XP available specifically for the new playlist, this offer will begin right now and run until tomorrow, April 2nd. The new playlist is all part of FFA Gunplay and is said to offer a brand new twist to the Gun Game, so you had best polish up your skills if you have not been on in a while.

There are said to be 4 different Gun Game variations in total, the first is a classic gun game and gives you the chance to work your way through a series of 18 guns, two of which will be sniper rifles, which we all know takes some getting used to once you have been used to running about shooting at things in a frenzy.

The second variation has you working your way through just 6 guns; there are no sniper rifles in this one. The third is called One in the Chamber and gives you just a P99 and a Tactical Knife, what makes this one so special is that you start off with just one bullet and in order to get another you have to make a kill; beware though because if you get killed more than 3 times you are out.

The final mode is called All or Nothing and is very similar to Free for All, all Modern Warfare 3 players will spawn with a USP .45 handgun, but the twist is there’s no ammo and just a Throwing Knife. You will need to make kills to earn bullets for your weapon – good luck.

There have been questions asked as to whether the Double XP is just for these new modes or game wide, so to set the record straight it does say specifically for this playlist. There has also been some confusion regarding the mode where you start with no ammo because if everyone has no ammo where can you load your gun, the answer is simple, you have to wait for ammo to be dropped in and then rush to load up your weapon to make it count. Let’s hope there are no server issues this weekend, as their were a week ago.

In other news it looks as though the winner of the MW3 Elite Contest Prize has been refused his prize by Activision, he was said to have won the prize but has now had to go through all sorts of things to try and get hold of what is due to him. The winner has also supplied proof that he won the Call of Duty Elite tournament in a recent article here, and after showing Activision this he was told that his prize was no longer in stock.

In another twist to this issue maybe we should give Activision the benefit of the doubt because it seems that Oakley has discontinued the prize item, which was a backpack. It’s hard to feel sorry for the guy who was meant to win a backpack and hoddie because he is now asking for an iPad instead; then again they should try and substitute the prize with a product of equal value, but it’s asking too much to replace it with something worth hundreds of dollars more.

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    That’s not new you get the same game modes in black ops

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