Battlefield 4 to make amends on next-gen consoles

It seems every week we hear that a game developer is hiring staff to work on games for next-gen consoles, and DICE is just the latest. Knowing this it kind of makes us wonder if the team is looking to make amends with some of the mistakes they have made with BF3 by working on Battlefield 4 for the PS4 and the next Xbox (most probably the Xbox 720)?

The job listing itself asks for the candidate to work on both current and next-gen consoles along with executing new features and also workflows, but it’s the part we read here about keeping track of both performance and memory that has us most interested, as it makes us think that they will have to make certain that their demand on memory does not go over the top – surely these next-gen consoles will have far more RAM than they need for future proofing?

Battlefield 3 has had a mixed reaction from the fans, some of them believe that DICE sold out and tried to make the franchise too much like Call of Duty, and while it’s true that BF3 has a weak single player campaign the multiplayer more than makes up for it, and DICE seem to listen to the fans and try their best to give them what they want in new updates.

Personally the game is not as bad as people make out, the biggest issue was the amount of hype that surrounded it because when that happens the game can only go down in peoples expectations and not up. This happens a lot in movies, the one that springs to mind for me was The Green Lantern, there was so much hype and I left the cinema thinking it was a poor take on The Mask.

If there is already a team being put together for Battlefield 4 then we can see this could become a launch title for next-gen consoles, but all we need now is for Sony and Microsoft to announce something officially concerning them. The earliest we can expect to see either the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox 720 should be Christmas 2013.