Review of readiness for Xenoblade Chronicles

Out this Friday on the Nintendo Wii, Xenoblade Chronicles is a title that gamers in North America will finally get the chance to experience, and we are interested to know what is thought and to be expected as we prepare for its release. There is also an informative video at the bottom of the post, which lets us in on the background of the story including how the game is played.

An insight into the title’s first ten minutes of gameplay is shown on the Just Push Start website and asks the question whether Xenoblade Chronicles is the RPG that Japanese role-playing game fans have been waiting for? Time Techland report on this game that they feel it is typecast by Western writers as a Japanese role-playing game that is inspired by the Xenosaga series, and after spending a bit of time playing this a six hour stint was replayed to experience the game’s introduction level again.

The storyline captivated the author with the strange mysteries involved and most of the time was spent battling or finding something to fight with, although the game also supports the Wii Remote and Nunchuk they found the classic controller to be an ideal way to play. Many layers are presented in Xenoblade Chronicles unraveling more gameplay as you progress although they are concerned how it will fair after spending long time playing into the latter stages, as they wonder if gamers will soon get numb to the battle mechanics.

Venture Beat writes about Xenoblade Chronicles redeeming the Xeno name as this part of the word that is also associated with the first four letters of “Xenosaga” and “Xenogears,” which have some mixed opinions about both games. Their impression is that XC is a better game than the two previously mentioned and it is built around a real-time combat system, which revolves around the gameplay. They feel this game is a sign of improvement by the developers and that Xenoblade Chronicles is genuinely fun to play, awarding a score of 82 out 100, they also expect after this title Monolith Soft may have more decent games to look forward to in the future.

Check out the 10-minute gameplay video of Xenoblade Chronicles below. Did you enjoy Xenosaga or Xenogears?