DICE condones cheating with Battlefield 3 DLC

We admire those of you who put in the time an effort into earning upgrades for games like Battlefield 3, and can understand some gamers will not be best pleased with a DLC that allows players to unlock nearly everything they have played hours to get. The new set of unlocks gives us the impression that DICE condones cheating and taking shortcuts to unlock many features.

The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle is accessible for 3200 Microsoft Points and Kotaku report on the DLC that gets players to pay to cheat and obtain everything from weapons and gadgets to vehicles and more. Not only will this big bundle give users access to stuff that other gamers have worked for, but additional separate unlock packages are also available at a cheaper price. Some may find solace in the news that this DLC does not unlock absolutely everything and apparently, this content can end up more expensive than the price that some outlets are selling the actual game for.

These packs were released last week for the PS3 version although not a big fuss was made about it and various opinions on this have made interesting reading, with some responses feeling that there is a trend of charging for things like cheat codes now in games, and this is just seen as another money grabbing exercise. Last week we wrote about weapon advantages for a price in Battlefield 3, and although there is a market for having various unlocks at your disposal, many fans are not happy with this new trend and there are plenty of reasons why we can understand this feeling.

Only yesterday, we reported on the recent release of the Battlefield 3 patch for the Xbox, which was on Tuesday and this DLC was designed to improve certain elements of the game, but apparently, this has brought many issues as well. Problems with connectivity and cryptic error messages have been noted along with some experiencing in-game glitches like erratic weapon changes and issues to getting out of vehicles. Do you feel that some of the patches can be more problematic than they are worth?

  • bfbc2lvl40bf3lvl45

    nothing new bad company 2 had exactly the same system, 

    • Pie

      Seriously I don’t see the big deal. Many just don’t have the time. If dice makes some money off that so be it.
      It’s not cheating

  • Bayn

    Please run another report on this patch as it HAS ruined the game. Normal servers can’t be found, due to Rent-a-server domination. Please…help

  • Kelly Collins388

    just another way for microsoft and developers to rob lazy gamers,like paying £40 a year wasnt enough.gold members never really get any great discounts

  • Sick of Cheaters in BF3

    PRISON_SNITCH is a cheater on PC version of Battlefield 3. I’ve filled in the online forms, sent screenshots, dates, times, servers. Dice/EA have done nothing. PRISON_SNITCH plays as 3 players at the same time. Very obvious cheating.This has been going on for weeks. Please can you help? Dice are hiring Anti-Cheat programmers, a bit late after game release.

  • Themidgeman21

    Cause you an idiot that’s why