Skyrim new continent DLC vs. console mod-like extras

While PC and console users would most likely have a lot of similar features wanted for the upcoming Skyrim DLC, it’s also obvious that there are very different priorities for the downloadable content as well, which is thanks to Skyrim mods on PC but not on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Does Skyrim really need DLC? We’ve heard this question a few times and in most cases the person asking it has only just started playing Skyrim, which means they can hold off downloading the DLC once it gets a release date. If you have put in well over 300 hours, like we have, then you would know that downloadable content is needed although the game is far from finished. Once we got to the 300 hour mark we started to feel like a new continent would be nice to explore, although we could also envision many extras with DLC like dragon mounts and horse armor.

The reason many PC users want only a new continent with Skyrim DLC is mods – dozens of our PC readers have stated they get enough extras from mods, and while there are little extras wanted in official DLC, it seems the majority of PC gamers would pay for a new continent as DLC.

Are you a PC Skyrim user, and if so what do you need from official DLC to make it worth downloading? There are many roads out of Skyrim, which have invisible walls and leave a few options for developers to take although not all of them are welcomed by fans. You can see a map below that shows a number of possibilities for a new continent added to Skyrim via DLC, let us know where you want to go if you like the idea of a new area.

Personally as a Skyrim PS3 and Xbox 360 owner we want to see some of the most popular mods on PC brought to console versions, and also other DLC from Bethesda within a large package to make it worthwhile. Having explored Skyrim for 400+ hours and seen most of the land you also get a feeling of wanting to explore it all again with enhancements to make the current Skyrim world a lot better, rather than go to a new land.

How can the current Skyrim map be enhanced on consoles to make DLC worth it? Having a texture pack could really give the PS3 and Xbox 360 version new life and would make you want to explore the world of Skyrim in a new way, although gameplay could be improved with new items, abilities and more types of weapons. Having crossbows, axes, throwing knives, bombs and more weapons – we’re sure you can think of – would change the gameplay immensely and Bethesda could even through in new combat abilities to enhance things further.

Becoming a Jarl of a Hold on the PS3 and Xbox 360 via DLC would also enhance Skyrim for those that want power, which allows you to not only reap the financial benefits but also walk around your town with everyone thinking “you the man“. Then we also have the possibility of what this would allow you to do with running a city, and even raising an army to battle other cities without needing another continent. This alone shows how the current world could be made better with console DLC, although many mods give these abilities on PC, so these users would most likely favor a new continent.

Are you playing Skyrim on console or PC, and do you feel this choice of platform affects what you want from DLC? One thing is for sure and that is we will all find out soon thanks to Bethesda stating on Twitter that fans should “Rest assured” in the knowledge that DLC is coming, and with a surprise set for later this month it’s a good month for Skyrim fans.

  • Flipfo4

    please…..please bethesda just tell me that itll be out this month!

  • Sebastian Sikes

    mods are possible on consoles…….im playing skyrim with mods on 360 right now, jtags are fun (:

  • Matthew Javelet

    another idiot suggesting horse armor and dragon mounts. please give bethesda more stupid ideas please. riding dragons and letting shadowmere wear armor is not going to make me want to play skyrim anymore than what I already have. news quests, new level cap, new skills/weapons, if I get any of those i’ll be happy.

    • Jaime Jorn


    • ink-knight

      LOL I know right.

  • Kieranb1983

    Bethesda already said the DLC is going to be big if they release armor and weapons packs have it for the consoles i wont be buying them because i have it for the pc i hope steamworks shop moves in to more games because it gives games more replay value.

  • Jack Jennings

    I think that Bethesda should give us some dlc with new continents for all platforms
    and another with mods but it will only be for consoles .

  • Videokid

    Please be morrowind! And also introduce more of a variety of undead? I’m tired of draugr -_- maybe even some summon able undead that don’t need corpses and time to aim in the middle of a battle

  • Ryan

    combine all the provences into a super map to explore and do quests etc. 😀

  • Llalalalal


    • Matt

      PROVINCE of TAMRIEL, this is final.

    • Connor

      No you idiot, its a PROVINCE

  • Guest

    I get the feeling morrowind DLC is coming. Seeing how most of Morrowind was destroyed by Red Mountain, I get the feeling this also act as a testing ground for new features thry want to add in fallout 4.

  • Cjosecast

    They need more conjuration spells the last game had way more spells then skyrim and also once your jarl allow it to affect the citizens to like if a dark elf became jarl the nords would try to kill you and not want to live in you town while other docs would love to live in your town !

  • Greg

    I will never understand the desire people have for all of the pointless extras that can be added to games.  Sure, texture packs, weapons, abilities, etc are all great, but anybody who’s played Skyrim as much as all of us reading this article surely have beaten everything there is to beat by now.  What is the point of upgrading my weapons AGAIN when I’m already virtually unstoppable.  The only reason I would want smaller add-on’s like that is if there is legitimate expansion DLC, i.e. more storyline and more actual gameplay added.  Otherwise I see no point in riding around on a dragon in a land I’ve already conquered.

  • bob

    i want a respec option, it sucks that im stuck with the same load out, also more weapons and new landmass

  • Steve Padgham

    I’m getting sick of waiting for the DLC. I just find myself endlessly roaming around trying to find any new mission I can get. I’m even considering going back to oblivion. Seems as if DLC is taking forever!! I don’t want stupid dragon mounts or horse armour!! New continents yes new missions yes but has anyone thought of whole new buildings? Or some underground layers for the darker players who enjoyed the dark brotherhood but unlike oblivion attach all of them with quests. 

  • Ben Knight

    Make it like fallout’s DLC
    Every DLC it had involved a new place to explore new quests, added with that was armour & weapons, plus perks.
    Also extra levels.

    • tallguy199

      oblivion had one like that: The shivering isle

  • Sfah Bbbzfhiuj

    So, nickle and dime the console users with micro-DLC to tide them over while we wait for the larger country/continent-type expansions.  Seems like a perfectly viable business model to me.

  • Decado1

    Any of you guys remember what it was like to roam around in Morrowind and Oblivion? You never knew what was going to happen (especially Morrowind). I’d be walking and find a massive temple up in the mountains and be like “HOLY F***K”. Skyrim is devoid of life. I’m walking in the wild and then “OMG A HUGE TEMPLE ON A ROCK… Oh wait. That’s just Winterhold”. I say BRING ON a Morrowind and Cyrodiil expansion. Hammerfell…who really wants to go to Hammerfell anyway? 
    Peace out.

  • jackmikeMon

    Yeah to be honest, as a console user, I’d really be delighted to see the addition of new little tweaks in the game. Things like spears, more unique kill cams for spells and archery, darker dungeons, seasonal foilage, and other similar neat add-ons. I think that would make the game much more immersive, and I don’t really see any immediate need to consider implementing new continents.

    • Lewis Tweed

      They have just updated. So there is spell kill cams, I don’t know about swords spears and archery because I haven’t tried them yet, but there are some for spells which I found out last night

  • Matt_wimmer77

    Totally free roaming to all provinces with the option of either siding with the Altmeri Dominion or the Imperials. Ulfric may betray his people because he is a “dormant contact” to the Dominion as said in one of skyrims books. Apparently Ulfric nearly betrayed the empire when he was a soldier but the empire surrendered before he could speak. The Dovakiin should unite skyrim under the rightful queen, elseth i believe. The Dovakiin can become the leader of the Imperial Nordic Legion or Northern Dominion and lead troops into each province to either destroy the dominion or conquer the people under the dominion, along with any other side quests and guild missions. Bring back the fighters guild!!! With the emporer being killed by the brotherhood a new one shall arise. The emporer should come from the dominion or cyrodil/skyrim. It would be awesome if there was some lost septim heir that you could find or kill. There should be some result to the death of paarthrunax ex. the elite blades will be reinstated in full and assist you if you kill paarthy or if you let paarthy live you get an elite group of shout soldiers. This would take forever to accomplish so…maybe one DLC every 3 months at 15$ price (1200microsoft points). Maybe too Mass Effect choicy…

    -Or they could completely mind rape us by having the dominion swarm skyrim, defeat everyone, and the dovakiin gets put into jail. He is then saved by the blades or greybeards (paarthy), and escapes through the Imperial sewers, or wherever he is imprisoned. The Imperial legion will have split with most troops going into the dominion fold. The other troops try to organize a resistance which you will soon become a part of. and you will have to systematically retake the empire and form a new one called the Dragon Empire.

    All in all, why cant we see the same DLC set up and rate as Fallout for Skyrim…I swear Bethesda was dishing out large DLC daily and now we have to wait weeks for an update…

  • Lewis Tweed

    I would like to see an alternative mission if you decide not to kill Paarthurnax. Also yes the exploration over mountains on consoles is a bit sketchy. There does need to be a bug fix concerning spells esp Colette’s master spell guardian circle. I would like to see a return of the Dwavern I think this would make a great edition to the game and would give way to new lands and areas within the game.

  • Lewis Tweed

    Oh P.S yes the level cap sucks big time. I hope they remove the limit on skills too, then people would be unstoppable lol, which is fair because it isn’t exactly a co-op game, which would have been better.

  • Nathaw1

    Nords Vs Thalmor War would be most interesting. Maybe invasion missions but better than the Stormcloak vs Empire ones. More larger scaled

  • Josh Cook

    This is beating a dead horse with armor at this point, but I’ll say it anyway. New weapons, armor, and quests. In memory of Adam Adamowicz, why not make some of the cities look more like his concept art. Please make customizable houses.

  • Caliguyinga

    Ok… What I want the most besides expansion packs, is to be able to take your enemy’s head after you have decapitated him home with you as a trophy. Maybe you can do that on a PC, I don’t know. But it should be on consoles for sure!

  • PAT

    having put in over 500 hours on my former PS3 version of skyrim now xbox 360 user if the new skyrim dlc doesnt come out soon i may commit suicide…on a lighter note yes some pc mods  for the consoles would greatly appreceated like;  Wars in skyrim, texture packages, and deadly dragons would be sweet…i want to be able to ride parthanax and breath fire all over the blades…and a skyrim vs thalmor war would be coo…l and more realistic NP character reactions and i want to be able to burn down whole cities … killable children would be cool so if you killed them your character would have to automaticaly start the game over again…  

    • JustinD

      Those are some of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard.

  • Grumpy Hamn

    As written and edited by teenagers…

    Not continents, provinces.

    Not through, throw.

    And that grammar is atrocious.

  • Zb096911

    yea I would like to go to summerset isle or either cyrodiil or back to morrowind for some new quests.

  • Cloud2017

    A dumbed down creator kit for consoles would be nice. Even if it had very limited options, just the option to add a tree to where you want would be nice. I know that sounds stupid but, it would be nice to have some freedom on a console other than walking from town to town seeing the same stuff over and over sometimes wishing you could just move something out of the way or change the furniture around your house(s).

  • Lewis Tweed

    People want oblivion gates, but lets face it there isn’t much reference to daedra where spells are concerned, only the 13/14 artefacts, hence the word “artefact.” but saying that Skyrim is a different province altogether so ya never know. There seems to be a lot of Dwavern presence through Skyrim, and what better way to apply new features, if the content there improving, Its already there. The Dwavern parts are practically an empty shell, and Todd Howard the games director has already commented on the DLC saying “only that there will be less of it, but that individual packs will be more substantial,” which means in theory they won’t be putting in many provinces, but just putting new areas in Skyrim, which ties into the Dwavern theme nicely =]. Also I wanted to point out that BIG BLUE ORB, I presume its a dragon egg or something that the psyjic order came to take away, I wouldn’t be surprised if that makes comeback. New spells, weapons, armour would be great. On that subject my smithing in the sky forge since the recent update was strange, not sure if there’s a new variety. I don’t think I can ever remember being able to make DRAUGR weapons or NORD armour which appeared in my Deadric selctions this morning. I really wish they remove the level and skills cap. All the master spells cost far too much, ya have to change apparel and things to have enough magika, then you have rubbish armour all the time. I need a good bug fix for Colette’s master spell too, I am well over 150 hours after the augur quest, after doing the guild quests and dark brotherhood also working on my smithing to get the daedric armour afterwards so really cba to re-load it all again :'(. Hope they bring something out soon the miscellaneous quests do get boring after a while haha.

  • JustinD

    Does skyrim need dlc? Of course it does. How you can have 300 hours in the game and still have stuff to do Is beyond retarded. I have two characters both with 100-106 hours and have done every main quest and objective. I know cause of the skyrim book and guide you can get. I don’t really use but to make sure I’ve done it all. I’ve explored almost everything but everything worth exploring and shudder at the thought of not getting dlc. To the noob it doesn’t seem like it but I want dlc all the dlc in the world for this game

  • Ross Lancaster

    Tamriel is a continent lol

  • Stargazer23

    Having played Morrowind I find it interesting that Morrowind is now connected by land as originally there was an ocean between cyrodil and there.

  • wululu

    @72f35bcfba728594a9314627d9ecf266:disqus  In Morrowind the explorable area is Vvardenfell, the island inside Morrowind

  • Aries-rising

    Skyrim needs many things. Firstly as the seemingly undefeatable dragon born how come the blades story line is so restricted, we gain no influence or power over the world we just saved, for example being able to choose a hold and become its jarl would be perfet. Secondly the thalmor war needs to be escalated! Hammerfell needs to rejoin the empire, and we need more battles in major cities and forts as in the war against (stormcloak or empire) hopefully with an invasion into cyrodil then an eventual counter attack to retake  some of the empires lost territory so it can grow and reexpand into elsweyr. Maybe dwarves resurface and a whole new race enters center stage and the Dominion and Empire must fight to gain their loyalty in order to finally crush their opponent.

    P.s a really cool mage quest would be if some artifact were discovered and it some how affects time, and u are send back to the war between the empire and the dominion and you are part of the garrison that defended the imperial city to the last man so the emperror could escape and eventually lead to the nordic armies reclaiming all of cyrodil. (before the city falls you are teleported forward in time once again just as you are about to be slain by the thalmor General)

  • Lewis Tweed

    The arch mage quarters could do with a re style, hope ya can decorate places. That’s if Bethesda hurry up with the DLC haha

  • Steve

    A new continent?  Really?  And you want Bethesda to transfer mods to consoles?  Does any writer on this site know anything about the industry?  Firstly, BethSoft wouldn’t do that, because A) it’s not theirs to publish (though they could find a loophole in this), and B) Microsoft and Sony ban mods for a reason.  It’s not a good reason, but it’s a reason.  Mods and modding take away from possible DLC sales, and neither will allow that to happen.

    As for the Continent, just no.  They’re not going to up and make an entire Skyrim-sized DLC.  They probably won’t reach the size of the Shivering Isles with the Add-ons.  They save continents for new games, and only that.  At the very most, they might add the outskirts of Morrowind and Cyrodil areas for fanservice, but even then it’s doubtful.

    • Lewis Tweed

      I totally disagree Steve, for the sake of us console users, were not getting value for money if no dlc comes out, and its the only other legal way for more to be added to the game however big or small it may be without modding. Its ok for PC users which by the sounds if it, you are speaking like a PC user. My point being PC users can mod what ever they want, Bethesda even encourages PC users to do it, I quote this being from there UK website where they even show you tutorials on how to mod the game,

      ” Watch Our Creation Kit Tutorial Videos

      With the release of the Creation Kit on Steam, developers at Bethesda Game Studios have put together 10 tutorial videos to help you get started with modding Skyrim.”

      Maybe, its time for console users to have a bit of creative control for once. I know there’s no software to mod consoles games legally but Bethesda should listen to us console user and ask us what we want out of the game once in a while. We buy the game, we play it, we make them rich in the process, and then were left with a game that’s lost its enjoyment with no sign of future dlc coming out, Bethesda say they don’t want to make more money off the game, what a load of kodswallop they have already made there fortune they would rather bring out a new elder scrolls game and coin it in all over again, they have had a taste of fortune and they want more, and its easy money for console users cus they know fools will go and buy another elder scrolls game, so if no dlc comes out at all I will not be buying another elder scrolls game simple as that.