Suspicions of GTA 5 release date revisited

We’re sorry to have to do this but we have to report what we have been hearing regarding GTA 5, and that’s news of a possible leak of its release date. Now we know what you are thinking, stop talking about when the game will finally come out and give us some solid news on another trailer or other such information, but we can only work with what we have so far.

Rockstar seems to be a lot like Apple, as they are masters at keeping news of their upcoming releases close to their chest, so it’s no secret that not much is known about Grand Theft Auto V. Anyway back to the news at hand, it seems as though someone has accidentally left the release date of the game on their Curriculum Vitae seen here, which by the way could be in October 2012.

The CV looks legitimate, well that’s according to an article here, but the only ones who truly know are Rockstar. We should be hearing from the developers soon, as they did say a while ago that they will be sharing some new details regarding GTA V soon.

There certainly seems to be a lot of too and throw in regards to the release of GTA V, it was first thought later this year, then in May of this year because of a suspected Easter Egg. However, we then heard rumors that a 2013 was more like it, only for us to hear a late 2012 release instead – it’s all very confusing at times.

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of excitement for the game, but what makes us laugh is the fact that all we have to work with is just one trailer and a Q&A from Rockstar, which did not give too much away anyway. However, it’s the speculation that keeps the hype train going and will not stop until we know more – then again it won’t stop then either.

On a final note, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released in October 2004, so maybe the idea of an October release for GTA V is not that far fetched?

  • cisk beer

     I don’t think many game developers move from rubbish unheard of games to developing in one of the best and most difficult game series.

  • Nick

    Doesn’t sound legitimate, Rockstar never releases the PC version at the same time as consoles.

  • 88bigstu88

    is gta4 worth playing in a 4 day session when the wife and kids r away 4 a 5 day holiday

    • Jk