Mediocre Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir reviews

Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir is an augmented reality horror game spin-off in the Fatal Frame series, for the Nintendo 3DS and was released in Japan on 12th January. A Planned release date of April 13th is expected in America with Europe scheduled sometime in the second quarter of 2012, so we are interested to see what is thought of this game by looking through a few reviews.

The game comes with an “AR notebook” called the Diary of Faces, which the player uses in junction with the game and Just Push Start feel this is a good way to use this feature, although the campaign is a little to short for their liking especially for the $40 price. Their main concern is that this has a limited amount of content although it may appeal to the fans of the Fatal Frame series, but the AR feature is a bit hit and miss as far as lighting because playing it in a poor light can deliver abysmal results. Overall, their user score was pretty good at 8.7 and The Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir gives us the opportunity to see what the 3DS is capable of, especially as time goes on.

Regarding it as a unique game UGO are impressed with the AR experience but mention that those who get motion sickness may not find this ideal. The campaign will probably take you about two hours to complete and the basic story has a few twists but nothing special, although there are some camera-only mini-games that will keep you amused for longer. Even though the campaign is short they say that doesn’t overstay its welcome and the gimmick of using the camera and the book never gets too repetitive, so generally this is recommended as a great game for those looking for a unique experience with your 3DS.

IGN are not as impressed due to the lack of lasting appeal although they found the presentation and sound to be very good. There is potential for a game like this and with a longer campaign and more content Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir could have been a revolutionary experience but the limited gameplay holds this game back, the graphics are decent but overall they awarded an average score of 5.5 and regard this is a mediocre experience.

Are you a fan of the Fatal Frame series? Do you think games like this are a great way to utilize and make the most out of the 3DS features that are available?