Sales prove Xbox 720 needed now

With Xbox 360 sales down worldwide nearly 50% year-on-year it seems that the call for the next generation console is well overdue, and the sales figures prove that the Xbox 720 is needed now. With about 1.4 million units sold in the time spanning between 1st January and 31st March, we can see that during the same period last year there is a drop from the 2.7 million recorded.

Over 67 million units have sold to date and the total Xbox 360 revenue has dropped 33% to $584 million, although Microsoft has commented that this was partly offset across their entertainment and devices division by increased revenue from Skype and Windows Phone software license cash from Nokia. In an article by Eurogamer they document these figures and mention that Xbox Live revenue has increased yet sales of the Kinect feature are down even though they have not acquired any confirmed figures on this, which makes us think it is doing worse than expected.

CEO Steve Ballmer has divulged that they are aiming to unveil exciting launches across the entire company, as well as delivering strong financial results, and Microsoft brought in $17.4 billion in total revenue for the quarter up 6% on last year, in addition, the operating income was up 12% to $6.37 billion. With new Windows 8 PCs and tablets, the next version of Office and plenty of new products on the cards there will be lots on offer over the coming year. To put the figures into perspective the Wii is doing remarkably well selling 95 million globally as of 31st December 2011, and the PlayStation 3 had sold 62 million worldwide within the same period.

A post by PlayStation Universe talks about how Sony releasing the PS4 before the Xbox 720 will keep the competition going, in fact RW Baird analyst Colin Sebastian, is saying that this console must come out earlier to ‘remain competitive’ in the long run. He also suggests that the price of the PS3 should be dropped again due to them losing market share, which includes TVs and computers, and the best way around this is to be the first to market their next-gen console and reduce the price of their existing one.

Recent announcements by Sony mentioned that a new business strategy is going ahead and the main attention will be digital imaging, game and mobile areas, and this comment came after the news of a $6.4 billion loss forecast for the financial year just ended. A couple of weeks ago we wrote about how gamers want less red tape with the next-gen consoles, referring to quicker updates for games as far as DLC and patches are concerned, this includes the release of titles with less problems so that a delay in patches will not be a major issue.

In other Xbox 720 related news, at the beginning of the month we wrote about the anti-piracy and Blu-ray features expected and digested news of mandatory online connections, which questioned whether people want to be online all the time and those who can’t go online. Do you want a specific console to come out first? Alternatively, will you be buying the first one out anyway?