Skyrim Dawnguard tease shows DLC favoritism

Over the past few months we’ve looked at what might come when the first Skryim DLC is released, and this has included debate on where the big expansion should go, the little things that need to be included as extras in the pack, and also dealbreakers for some people that are vital if they’re to part with money.

One fact had been known for a while but some gamers seemly forgot – this fact is the timed exclusive with Microsoft, which meant the Skyrim DLC – now known as Dawnguard – would be going to the Xbox 360 first. Microsoft love to throw their money around and get things first, and this is most notable with certain DLC found with some of the most popular games, and one of those games is the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Within the last 24 hours the gaming community has seen a blog post on the official Bethesda website, which included an image and just one line of text. The content simply said “Coming this summer to Xbox 360“, and explained that more details would be revealed at E3 2012. You can see part of that image above, but the real upset has come from the fact that they only mention “Xbox 360“.

It’s pretty obvious exact dates for PS3 and PC will come soon, although we still are waiting for final details on the Xbox 360 release date, which again is likely to be announced at E3. One reason some PS3 owners feel a little upset is the fact that they had a big issue with lag/frame rate drops, something we experienced ourselves until it was fixed in a later patch, and thanks to the PC getting mods and the Xbox 360 seeing the DLC first it only adds to PS3 frustration.

What do you expect from Skyrim Dawnguard, and if you’re a PS3 owner are you feeling a little frustrated from the extra wait?

  • joel

    DLC? pardon my stupidity but what the heck is a DLC? any help folks?

    • Neil_reilly

       It stands for Downloadable Content

      • Reven2000

        No im sure it stands for im a huge faggit

    • jo

      you don’t know what DLC is?

  • Anon

    DownLoadable Content

  • Reven2000

    Just give me the whole of tamriel and i will be pleased!

    • Reven2000

      I mean cyrodiil but i would definatly be happy with tamirel

      • AidenReilly

        No need to fix it you got it right first time buddy :’). Tamriel= all the provinces Cyrodill= Imperial Province 

  • Dave!Yognaut

    Well, I play on PS3, and quite frankly i’m glad the 360 is getting it early. They can put up with all the bugs and glitches this time, which will be fixed by the time it launches on PC and PS3. 

    • Coolguy65

      you keep beliving that :’)

    • Tobes LostProphet Solway

      Ha ha we get it first lad because we dont have to put up with Lags, glitches or …. shall i say it…. HACKS!!! crappy ps3! we get the best for our best console!

      • Uniteddwarfalliance

         Lol and we now hes one of those 12 year olds and the fact with bethesda games, young child is that they are ALWAYS glitchy they always spaz out for the first month even bethesda will agree on this microsoft are just sell out hores fact ps3 doesnt make atempts to buy games out because they are decent. I’m just disapointed that bethesda would do this to all those who were crippled with lag to begin with on ps3

        • Noel

           BF3 receives Close Quarters map pack 1 week early.  Check your “facts”. And for the love of god use punctuation.

      • Smd

        Stupid little fanboy kid will always be stupid little fanboy kid.

    • cheekyface

      I never buy early –  always wait for the same reason.

  • Coolguy65

    GIVE IT ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLZ

  • Kim Jolicoeur

    Wait a

    Are you
    asking what we expect/want from the next Skyrim DLC? AGAIN!!??

    Are you
    paid for the entries here? InEntertainment has been asking its readers this
    same question twice a week since the game’s release last year!


    Dawnguard are a group of Mehrunes Dagon worshippers first encountered in

    Also, it
    was found in the recent code for patch 1.5 that Snow Elves, crossbows, spears
    and a Falmer prince are expected to show up, either in the DLC, or perhaps in a
    future patch/update the likes of which we’ve seen before, such as with the
    texture pack and the killcam.


    I’m pretty
    sure that whatever Bethesda is cooking up in its labs will give us our money’s
    worth, just like they always do, no matter what the impatient little gamers are


    It’s a 300-hour
    game, people! 290 hours MORE than the average title these days.   

    • Adam Jones

      *cough, cough* Mythic Dawn worship Mehrunes Dagon
      But, yeah, I completely agree with what you are complaining about, the amount of sites that ask what we want in DLC, instead of doing posts that we would actually be interested in, is overwhelming.  There is no need for us to be the ones writing the article.

      “Hey, I found this out…what do you think about it?” – Almost every article.

      • Kim Jolicoeur

        Hahaha Mythic Dawn. You’re right!

        Here’s a cough drop for your troubles, and thanks!

  • Dave!Yognaut

    Come to think of it:
    -Crossbows are usually weapons used to take down vampires.

    -Vampires can essentially live forever( as evidenced by that “child” in the Dark Brotherhood)

    -The Snow Elf Prince may possibly be still alive due to vampirism, hence the additions in the latest patch.

    -In that teaser image, the DB’s eyes are glowing, like a vampires eyes.

    -Vampires can only come out at night, and need guarding at Dawn from the sunlight.

    So that means one of two possibilities for the DLC:

    1. Your character can join some sort of Vampire Cult/ Group which is lead by the Snow Elf Prince and cause havoc across Skyrim.
    2. You can join a Vampire Hunting Guild/ Clan lead by some sort of Van Helsing type guy with crossbows and such.

    Thats my take on it anyway :)

  • Pat

    well i was a former ps3 owner and switched to xbox for the sole purpose of playing skyrim dlc sooner… not that i have been play skyrim on xbox it is like night and day the game has only froze like once the whole time i have been playing for the last 2 months where as with the ps3 version it was like every day the game would freeze up… but now i know i have to wait till at least june 21 im not interested in playing skyrim anymore its summer time now and im going to enjoy the outdoors goodbye fomer love of my life skyrim…

  • gamer89

    I hope it’s a challenge as im lv 81 and a 1000+ armor as i just normally cut down any enemy in my path

    • BigBob145

      1000 armour is useless because at roughly 560 armour rating it will max out at 80% damage resistance.

      And also, I hope they add a way to get more perk points because I don’t have enough!

      • anon

        Start a new character. Many experiences do actually change.

  • Matt_2316

    What do you expect we pay for live because of this we get benefits go buy ano xbox you free riders

  • Matt_2316

    Oh and please no more snow

  • BigCockSurprise

    Sad that it’s coming for xbox 1st. for those that say that sony is screwing with people just tell me that, can you play kinect on 1st gen xbox 360? no, can you play 3d games on 1st gen ps3? yes.

    • DarkstAr11490

      U can play kinect on 1st gen Xbox 360

    • MAJOCA

       Xbox 360 can support 3d games too.

    • ps3 sux

       wow, 3d, pivotal to my gaming experience.  sarcasm, 3d games have to be the biggest flop in media history

  • ChrisLPratt

    i just wante a visually stunning armor set

  • Billw001

    PC. No lag, LOTS of MODS, No problems…

  • O Lloyd2

    Im guessing that DawnGuard is similar to redguard. SO DO YOU GET TO GO TO HAMMERFELL? XD

  • Kim Jolicoeur

    If was was running around in 70 lbs. of heavy armour swinging a huge battle axe and shouting so hard it kills dragons…

    I’d have red eyes too.

  • John

    Yeah, I’m Tom Meadows, I have a PS3. It sucks! I just don’t know why anyone would buy it. Also I just love Shane Bowditch/Jess/Walrus ass. Peace out Megamans.

  • John


  • Jumbledpug

    I just love getting me some skypoop!

  • Tom

    Wobbly bums get me going yall!

  • bob

    mac ftw 

  • bib

    hey you so called tom meadows guy u suck skyrim few

  • Tom

    Yeah, God I know! I just suck so much.. Just a massive n00b rly.

  • thesecondarygamer

    I’m going home//…… :(

  • NuckChorris

    Bethesda don’t suck up to Microsoft, its actually the other way around. Microsoft only care for money, so they bribe Bethesda in order to get DLC a month early. I don’t know what they were thinking, this isn’t COD where the game is so small that a month’s head-start would make a difference; this is SKYRIM, its so big the month won’t make a difference.

    • mistrzu

      Because Sony doesn’t only care about money? Listen to yourself, before you say any more nonsense

      • truth

        its funny you say that considering sony have released over 2000 of there own employees perhaps to save money? they all want money sony included dont delude yourself

  • Richie boy

    if xbox was so great wouldnt have to rely on exclusivity deals to secure players from other platforms….simple as, smacks of desperation to me

  • Lu Capewell


  • Ethan Tennell


    • Kotarofox

       Microsoft throws its money around at Bethesda and other companies to get DLC a month early in order to make an inferior system look like its on top. Its honestly a waste of money lol this on top of charging its loyal customers for online access is why Xbox will never be on par with PS3 or PC

  • JwH

    If you payed for your online subscription on PS3, like the faithful Xboxers, maybe then you’d have grounds to bitch..why wouldn’t they get it early when they pay 50 bucks a year to play..if its that bad waiting, buy a fuckin guys just need to chill!

    • Patrykflynn

       there is no logical reason to pay for access to any online community especially when you already have to pay for basic internet access in the first place

  • kevin

    It feels good to have to wait. Let xbox get the bugged as hell first edition and we’ll get it when its patched up. Xbox is always the experimental platform

  • Str8upmenace-juice

    hahah.. Xbox user here cant wait

  • Kotarofox

    If Microsoft spent its money on its platform development instead of getting content first then maybe the Xbox would be a better system….