Black Ops 2 with Zombies is lifeblood for some

The recent announcement and visual tease into Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has started fans debating on the upcoming game with renewed insight, although the trailer didn’t go down well with everyone, which is surprising considering it has been long speculated that COD would jump into the future at some point.

Some things change and others stay just the same – while the year is moving to 2025 it seems the formula Call of Duty is known for will be pretty much the same, and this means multiplayer, a campaign, and zombies (something that made Black Ops unique in our opinion). While we keep hearing that multiplayer is the “lifeblood” for any COD game, it’s our feeling that for Black Ops 2 it’s zombies that will help the game deliver where MW3 fell short.

Those of you hoping for graphics that take a massive jump are surly out of luck, Treyarch knows that the current formula is what helps the franchise break records and they’re likely to stick to it, no matter how many people are claiming to move to other games like Battlefield. Although it’s worth pointing out Treyarch like to change as much as they can within that formula, so we expect some exciting enhancements.

Zombies will be expanded – if you’re a fan of zombies from Black Ops then you’ll love the next game, and while little has been said about this part of Black Ops 2, you can count on more options and expanded features that are sure to be the only reason some people buy the next COD game. Even during MW3’s successful release and the months following we found loads of comments from gamers playing the zombie mode still in Black Ops, and for some they played MW3 and later returned to Black Ops just for zombies. It’s well known that the success of this little zombie addition surprised the developers, but it seems the mode is something that could bring an army of fans to the next Call of Duty game, and plenty of these didn’t even buy MW3.

How much did you love the zombies mode in Black Ops, is this something you missed in the last Call of Duty game? If you’ve not seen the recent Black Ops 2 trailer then watch the video below.


  • Justin Jones

    Definitely can’t wait for this game, Zombies is pretty much all I want but I am still very curious of campaign. so of course i will play through it and rack EVERY achievement like every other COD game i own.

  • Anonymous

    zombies is everything – without it, i don’t buy.

  • CoD Fan

    Looks good

  • Danny

    we want zombs with more options. bit like gears 3 horde build defences more in game options. would be well smart 

  • Anonymous

    Dude if zombies isn’t in black ops 2 im not buying it haha

  • Camcroc

    Zombies is the only reason to get Call of Duty for me XD

  • Delaneyronnie

    Love zombies but they need to make one with maps you can finish and also ranks with perks and guns you can keep every round like the old zombie games on the old pc versions of cod

    • Shawn23432005

      maps you can finish? LMAO. dude half the time i can’t even find people that are willing to go far. not to mention noobs that die at round 15+.

      • Goldensgods

        So ture, very hard to find good players or should i say “PrO” players. You play on ps3? 

  • Anonymous

    This is gonna be stupid. I will wait to get this game if GTA 5 releases in October because that is really gamna be the game of the year.

  • Niall_jones94

    this looks frigging terrible

  • Buttersdad812

    I only bought Black ops for zombies LONG LIVE MASTER CHIEF

  • Zombo

    I am hoping that they take it to the next level, away from the wave mode. I want a story, objectives, save points, basically a campaign. I loved zombies until about the third or fourth time dying and starting over. To get anywhere in it felt like going through the motions. If they made it deeper, where you didn’t have to run a train to get somewhere, that you where actually warding off zombies to accomplish a means to an end, more like left 4 dead, only with the polish of Call of Duty, that would be amazing!

  • BrandonHolstein

    would be cool to see zombies in the future, it would allow them to do things that they couldnt do in the past. we can have better technology, element 115 mixed with modern day things such as sentry guns, placeable traps, or jet packs for example. i want the same concept, just blown to a whole new level, bigger maps with more technical things that can be used in different combinations to create a new feel and strategy for each game, like the ability to close certain doors that have been open for a certain amount of time, allowing you to create your own map design for a limited time. i want new weapons and gadgets, a thicker story with the return of richtofen and the ability to play with more than 4 people. they need to change it just a bit so that its not the same old placed on a new map zombies are coming i only have a pistol kill them type deal. start people off with different weapons for one map for example. one thing i really want to see is a map that isnt on a secret base, the middle of the jungle, a rundown warzone building, or some spacelike base..i want zombies in the modern day society city and town, running through houses, running down streets with skyscrapers on the side, in a mall, or something that we as regular people would see in our lives not secret military bases or warzones or jungles. To me, That. is scary, because it puts you in a real life situation, i have dreamvision of a more technical hud/display that allows you to fill your directional pad display, control your gadgets, shows you if a trap set is still on, or if one of your friends is getting hurt, just alot of the edges of the screen having display up, and it wouldnt be there the whole time only when you have that gadget or its working telling you info about it. like the time left on a trap, or closed door, or if your sentry gun is still up and running. i had this cool idea for a perk too. it would be expensive, like 10 thousand dollars, and what it would allow you to do is hack or something powerupdrops and save them, lets say 3, until you need them, save an ammo for a high round when you need it, or a fire sale for a buddy that died and lost everything, sounds cool right? maybe this device could be the actual hacker and it would be what allows you to close certain doors for limited amount of time. i also liked the idea of a bouncing perk, when you jump you jump kinda high, enough to jump over zombies, this would be good but also bad, not allowing you to stop yourself mid air from running into a pack of zombies ahead. let me know what you think of my ideas

  • Jason Heap

    multiplayer is mway better lol

  • kianazeke

    level 41 der riese Kianazeke add me

    • Goldensgods

      Ps3? And was that on W@W or Black OpS? 

  • Goldensgods

    I don’t care if they didn’t change zombies one bit, the only thing i want them to do is fix the damn leaderboards for zombies! then maybe we can actually see who’s the best and who’s the worst