Diablo 3 visual raises excitement

With May 15 coming up fast a recent video will make you want to go to bed and wish you could wake up on the day that Diablo 3 is released, as the visual raises excitement for those anxiously waiting. The commercial was released just under a week ago and is called, the “Evil is Back” and for those who have yet to see the video we urge you to view it below.

Those who have been enjoying beta testing can no longer play the game, but at least they can feel proud of the fact they have helped to shape what is said to be one of the most popular games this year, it might not break sales records but it’s almost certain to be a huge hit with the fans of the franchise – although there have been one or two issues in the development process to make us wonder if Blizzard has done the fans proud?

There are some gamers who would question why people would get excited over a trailer that does not show actual gameplay of Diablo 3, but it’s the fact that the game has been in the making for over a decade that anything new regarding the new game will get more attention than most other games. What are your thoughts on the “Evil is Back” TV spot?

You’ll be pleased to know that there are to be a number of launch events going on the day before the official release date, so you had best check with your local video game store, but we do know that the Great Wheel Court over at the Irvine Spectrum Mall will be holding one such event. According to an article here the event will begin at 8:00pm PDT and will go on until the clock turns midnight, in that time those who attend will have the chance to win some prizes geared around Diablo 3.

A few questions have been asked about the in-game Auction House and how the real money transactions will work within the game, and it will come as no surprise to you that Blizzard plans to keep a percentage for themselves, which has been detailed here. No matter what way you look at it nothing is free is this world, but it’s certainly a nice thought though.

Speaking of the auction house (here) you will find everything you need to know about the upcoming service, and why not take a look at the FAQ while you’re at it.


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Chris-Worden/100003626587997 Chris Worden

    fans would “get excited” over a trailer cause we KNOW blizzard and we KNOW diablo and we DAMN SURE KNOW that it’s going to be a hit. atleast for us FANS. it’s like all the people making a fuss over peter jackson’s hobbit coming out (go look up the hobbit 48fps, i’m not going to explain it here) it’s like dude.. it’s Peter Jackson, you’re doubting him? the dude could film himself kicking a beercan down the street and it would be a blockbuster. same rule applies. Blizzard is making yet another masterpiece. i was in the beta so i can say this for certainty. but for anybody who wasn’t, it’s gonna be awesome.

  • Gaigestahler

    the diablo games are awsome