DLC ending starts for Mass Effect 3, closure doubtful

Going back a few months the excitement level for Mass Effect 3 was pretty high, then when fans got to the end of the game that joy was short lived. A certain percentage of gamers who purchased the ME3 were upset with how it ended because all their hard work over the years was seen as a waste of time – again this is not shared by all.

Thankfully for some BioWare has said that they will resolve this issue by offering a new ending via DLC, and there are now reports that this work has already started – but we have to be practical here and warn that closure is doubtful. It’s been reported that some of the voice actors have already started work again on ME3 so that the DLC will be ready in time for a summer release.

Mike Gamble, the games producer has said that they believe they have found a perfect balance with Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, he believes that fans will be satisfied with the outcome, but there are still those who believe that the ending will remain unchanged, something that Gamble has confirmed – which to some gamers kind of defeats the point of the new content.

Most of the voice actors have now been called in along with Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale, and the latter is said to also be working on something else called Republique, which as we know is an iOS based game. Viewing the video footage below will give you more insight into the game.

There’s been a great deal of speculation from the fans of Mass Effect, as they consider what these changes will have on the outcome of the ending, even though we know that part will not change. However, that has not stopped some gamers suggesting that BioWare are being a little coy and will in fact mix things up by making changes to the ending – only time will tell.


  • http://twitter.com/JoelDT1 Joel Taft

    65,000 gamers and counting…. Not by all sure, but you forget that for every one gamer jaded to speak out. There are at least another 10 who just walk from the game. Look they don’t have to do a thing… As long as Bioware wants to make multiplayer games instead of what they are good at single player RPG’s then we won’t be buying from them… We tolerated the changes and major changes to side quests and lack of a maco because the story was really good. We are not willing to tolerate a dumbing down of the series to appeal to more FPS multiplayer gamers. Its a joke. BioWare needs to get away from EA. A company that once had a 115 dollar a share worth is now only a measly 15 dollars a share. They acquired BW to make them money and they can’t because EA has too much of their hands and input into what they do and adding micro transactions as a way to nice and dime the gamer and try to make back revenues to boost stock when they should really be focused on the games themselves and making them great.  Look at the exodus of SWTOR a lot of them are ME3 players myself included. You want us back fix the ending and let BioWare go back to its roots. Admit to the mistakes of Day one paid DLC? Tali’s Face, Lack of talking options, lack of discusion tree and neutral options, lack of story especially with the gear. Give the player the 16 endings you promised. (Doesn’t have to be that many but at least 8 different options should there. Consequences to saving/ killing the counsel, Rachni Queen and saving her an asset or a liability, Collector base keeping it a plus or a minus, Saving your friends in time and how that plays out in the ending. Making good choices and loyalty and each squad mate having an impact on the ending. No boss fight being too video game? Thats the dumbest thing I ever hear. Because I am playing a video game RPG. Go back to your roots BioWare or limp along with what ever profits you can get through micro transactions.

    • Kieranb1983

      Yeah ur right but its not going to happen because there going after the casual gamer now i loved deus ex HR but people were complaining about not being able to run in to a room and shoot people useing there brains was to hard to do u think with all the money sports games make they would put some of it into more targeted games lets hope dragon age 3 is up for it.

  • Teemu-kangas

    the last ten minutes, me3 is amazing in a great many ways. I cant tell
    you how many times events in the game gave me chills, or made me laugh
    out loud or had me close to tears. I cant remember another game doing
    that. Pre-ending, the game does have a few flaws. The fetch quests i
    didnt like, no vehicle sections at all…not much else comes to mind. The rest is down to bioware
    giving themselves a REALLY tough job writing a script for every possible
    choice and contingency from the first 2 games and all dlc. They couldnt
    put all the crew from me2 as permanent shipmates because they could all
    be dead so the story in me3 couldnt hinge on them TOO much…hence they
    each have a smallish part to play. Imho it doesnt matter. They each
    still got some attention and so long as i had garrus and liara on the
    ship i was happy. The ending…After 5 years of playing, i was fully ready for the ending to
    be sad or even grim. I was ready to let my shepard die, even some or all
    of the crew to die to save everyone else in a blaze of glory IF IT MADE
    SENSE… a last minute god child, 3 different coloured identical
    choices, space magic changing everything, planet sized plot holes…NO,
    BIOWARE! NOT COOL!What gets me is trying to think of what exactly happened at
    bioware when they came up with this plan…they were so achingly close
    to having the perfect scifi epic trilogy complete in their hands, this
    generations star wars, but at some point someone said, wait, THIS is how
    we’re doing it instead of the huge party among the wreckage of
    Harbinger (Biggest baddest Reaper) and the happily ever after with your love interest…and no
    one put their hand up and said HEY! Thats dumb! Ill see what the
    extended cut does to remedy things…i even have a teeny tiny glimmer of
    hope that the indoc theory holds water…bioware have dropped so many
    hints on twitter etc that there is more to come…sigh, one can only
    hope at this stage…:s

  • Jack Estecado

    I havent play ME3 since I first played it. I’m too ashamed at Bioware for forgetting what it means to play for the love of the game, not the money.

  • Simonkitsonharris

    The ending doesn’t make sense. The fact that they are just dragging out the. Terrible nonsensical ending is further insult to their fans. What is the point in dlc when you know the ending will just be that terrible ending that makes no sense. My 3 year old nephew could have written a more profound ending than the carp they gave us

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Corbin-Allen/100000623047514 Corbin Allen

    I’ve been thinking about this for months now. I’ve divided my thoughts along the lines of the logical half of my brain, vs. the intuitive & artistic half. 

    Logical half: “They’re going to mix it up and change the ending, then use the entire thing for PR.   They will get tons of attention for ‘listening to the fans’ like Bethesda did with Broken Steel, and ride the positive PR into awesome DLC sales.  It’s the only way to recover the franchise, otherwise it will die here and billions of future profit off of it lost. ”

    Artistic half: “The ending is because pancakes, so the extended cut will be syrup on the pancakes to make them taste slightly better.   They’re made with poo, though, and it will taste like syrupy poo.   Try it once to say you did if you’re a masochist, then vomit and never do it again, k?”

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.kasich Thomas Kasich

    I hope the extended cut shows not only all decisions you made.

    But will it also feature ALL the Charatcers (Miranda, Jacob, Grunt, Samara, Zaeed, Kasumi, Garrus, Tali, Kaidan/Ashley, James, Liara, EDI, Joker, Wrex etc.)  and all the others and what future will they have.

    How will the galaxy continue without the Citadel and Mass Relays?

    Will there be a big funeral for Shepard?

    Do all the races you recruited survive the final choice you made?