Preparing for The Dream Machine on Steam

May just keeps getting better in terms of game releases, we already know about the big two contenders, but there’s one game that’s due to be released in just two days time, and that is The Dream Machine on Steam. In a way to help you prepare for the game Cockroach felt it was the ideal time to offer up a new trailer, and it does help draw you in.

On paper the game featuring clay characters should not work, but once you get into the gameplay all those doubts will just disappear. The game has been available for sometime now, but it’s the first time on Steam and is seen as a huge deal because Steam are doing more to try and push indie games.

This is certainly great news for The Dream Machine because it should finally get the recognition it deserves, but we can’t wait to see what difference this will now make to those indie developers. The game is due on Friday 11th May but if you cannot wait to get your hands on The Dream Machine and give it a test drive, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can visit the official website and play the first episode.

There is a fear that the game will suffer a little because of the impeding release of Diablo 3, as many PC gamers would have spent or put their money aside for a game that has been a decade in the making.

Let’s not take any credit away from The Dream Machine, as it has not only been nominated for IGF Indie Game Challenge and Indiecade awards but has also won a couple of important awards in the industry, indiePub contests and Into the Pixel.