Countdown set with Diablo 3 Wrath release

With just days left until the release of Blizzard’s latest game the developer has launched Diablo 3 Wrath, which is a short animated video to give you insight into the back-story of the game. This is perfect timing and means that the countdown for Diablo III is well and truly set and will no doubt wet your appetite and want to find a midnight launch for the game in your area, which we will discuss in a later article.

The video (embedded below) is just under seven minutes in length and begins with Deckard Cain speaking over the footage in an old but authoritative voice. Once the scene is set the cartoon then shows footage of an impressive battle between the archangels and demonic forces; it’s after this battle that we then get to see the red skinned demon that is Diablo. We could discuss the video in more detail but it’s far better for you to view it for yourself and give us your opinion if it does set the scene for what adventures lie ahead?

Activision Blizzard must be doing something right because pre-orders for Diablo 3 along with Black Ops 2 have been pretty impressive and looks set to break previous records. It had been assumed that pre-order sales for Black Ops 2 would not be as good because of a less than popular response to the game, but is shows that fans of Call of Duty are geared up for the next installment of the franchise. Diablo 3 pre-order sales have also been impressive because of how long the game has been in the making, and we’re told that because of how much detail has gone into the game this will show up in sales once the game is finally released on May 15th.

It’s clear that gamers cannot wait to get their hands on Diablo 3 – We say this because it’s just become the most pre-ordered game ever on Amazon. Analysts have predicted that sales of the game will top 5 million in the first year, which considering it will only be released for the PC is not that shabby. However, there have been rumors that an Xbox 360 and PS3 version could become a reality; we know that Blizzard has discussed the possibility – it’s anyone’s guess if and when it will happen.

Have you pre-ordered your copy or will you be attending a midnight launch event to get your copy?


  • Guest

    You’d think someone who works in gaming entertainment would know that isn’t a wizened old monk doing the voice over, it is Deckard Cain, main character of the whole series.

  • Berry_Master

    deckard cain has been with diablo from the start. who put a monk in there?