Halo 4 leads to Xbox 720 insight

News regarding Halo 4 has been coming thick and fast because November is just 6 months away, which means that if rumors are correct gives the game a good year or so before some 360 fans abandon ship and pledge their allegiance to the Xbox 720. Everything we know about Microsoft’s next-gen console is based merely on rumor but looking at what Halo 4 brings to the current console could lead to insight regarding the next Xbox.

Halo 4 is part of the Reclaimer trilogy and the future of these games is said to show the future of Xbox because we will get to see the console evolve along with the franchise, but what does the future hold because the other two titles from the trilogy will be next-gen releases?

Microsoft needs to rely heavily on exclusives with their next Xbox because we can see that their press conference during E3 will not feature many games for the current 360. They need to get back to what made them so great a few years ago and future Halo titles will do that, but they need to make certain that the 720 (if that’s its name) has the performance to handle the power needed because the other Halo’s from the trilogy needs to be special, and when Halo 4 is finally released in November it will show us this new direction – well partly.

According to an interesting article 343 has said that they are now at the limits of the Xbox 360 with Halo 4, which is both a good and bad sign. The good is that this should be the best version of the franchise yet, the bad is we shouldn’t expect anything better from the current-gen console.

Both Microsoft and 343 hope that Halo 4 will be able to take the fight to rival games, such as Black Ops; Bioshock: Infinite was supposed to be another but has since been delayed until February 2013. It’s been suggested that this has freed GTA V up for a release in October, but another rumor was because the publisher did not want a smaller title like Infinite to compete with Halo 4 because it could be an unfair battle.

Speaking of battles just recently some of the guns to feature in Halo 4 were shared with us, and what an arsenal it is. Some of the weapons are as follows: The MA5D assault rifle, BR85 battle rifle, M395 DMR, SRS99-S5 AM sniper rifle and also the ARC-920 Railgun. More details of these guns can be found here.

Where would you like to see the Halo franchise go once the next-gen Xbox launches?

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    • Fibe

       Yes we do! its old crappy technology…get up to date moron.

      • Takingflight005

        Wow. Must be nice to have the money to impulsively buy a new system the moment they come out. I’m guessing you don’t have car insurance, rent, grocery, etc? Ready to throw out the old system, eh?

        I’m also envious of a sparkling personality in which you feel the need to insult people online. How lovely.

        • I c

          I think after so many years of 360 and ps3 we are due a new leap in technology in gaming. I’ve had gaming machines since the spectrum and can’t wait for the next generation. It’s been a long time since ive been wowed by graphics on a game, and I’ve got a pretty decent tv that’s crying out for something special to display! I’m sure not everyone can or wants to spend a few hundred pounds of hard earned money but the 360 won’t cease to exist when a new console comes out. Just like the ps2! Then there’s people like me who don’t mind spending that bit extra for something that get a lot of hours out of each console they’ve had so even if it costs £500 and the Xbox 1440 comes out 8 years later I’m happy to pay the equivalent of £50 a year for the hardware.

    • Corey

      We definitely DO need a new one. I understand most people don’t wanna shell out for a new one. But its technology. It will always expand, always improve. Moore’s law. If developers wanna make better games they need better tech. Developers are calling for it, because they’re at the point were they can’t go any further. It stifles their creativity. Ya not everyone can pay the cash, but seriously….you really expect all 3 of the next Halo games to be on the 360? That’s pretty naive….not trying to insult you or be a dick…but its true. Who knows…..maybe they’ll make the next xbox cheaper.

  • Takingflight005

    I agree with the previous comment. If they release Halo 4 for the 360, and then tell me that I have to buy a whole new system just to complete the trilogy…..I’m going down to 343 Industries and screaming at everyone I see. Their gamers aren’t made of money. I understand that some people want “new and improved,” but what the DEVOTED Halo fans will want to see is story, new environments, and RESOLUTION. Emphasis on the first and third. If they give me a taste and then say “game over….”

    I’m going to be very upset.

    • Smart Guy

      First of all. My concern most regardless is that ..cough..sorry. Halo, will not survive its gaming life year for that period of time. It will go down, and CoD will rise to the top list of games like the king of this earth. we shall stop saying great things about its succes.

      Terry Funoua~

      • Ruben

        bro, cod is in his terminal life, activision hasnt more ideas/imagination for more cod games. did u saw the blacops 2 trailer? it is more mass effect or halo than something else. his graphics are always worst than the other fps rivals like battlefield, the storyline… they jump between the ww2 to an actual armageddon like in mw3 now go to the future, there is no story. singleplayer is just run and shoot run and shoot run… grow up bro!

    • Lolsontgo

      Well obviously they will, they aren’t exactly going to release it on the 360 when cod and all the compertition are already on the next tier. They won’t get near enough sales. You have seen it before. Halo 1 + 2 – Xbox. Halo 3 – 360

      I think 4 will be on 360 and next 2 on the next gen.

  • Open-Hand-Dead

    Um can i get a tip please?

  • Gee

    open handdead guy. you really are crazy

  • Hiho

    no because it uses reach’s engine