Analyst counters GTA 5 launch expectation

There seems to be a lot of to and throwing concerning the release date of Grand Theft Auto V becasue some fans will now expect the game to hit the market in October because of recent events. However an analyst counters the recent GTA 5 launch expectation by saying we will have to wait until next year.

We reported a couple of days back that GTA 5 could be with us in October because BioShock: Infinite will no longer be released in that month and will instead be put back until February 2013. It wasn’t long before everyone (including us) jumped on the bandwagon and suggested that this left the door wide open for Rockstar’s upcoming game to be with us later this year.

While some gamers will not consider this news and would rather see trailer 2 released we do feel it’s best to keep up-to-date with the goings on in regards to the game.

The reason for this prediction does seem pretty plausible, but then so did the one regarding BioShock: Infinite. Anyway the reason for this latest rumored release was due to how GameStop had been discussing their poor sales figures, and in the conversation it was said that they could expect a better year because of the release of Infinite and GTA V in early 2013.

What confuses us most is that in previous versions of Grand Theft Auto they had been released in October, so seems a little strange to come so early in the year. It’s been suggested that we’ll learn more during E3, but then Rockstar won’t be there so we don’t know how this would happen. Having said that several months ago Rockstar did say they will be sharing more information in several months – so their time is almost up – which kind of brings us pretty close to the E3 event next month.

  • jabroni

    October 2012 or May 24 2013

    • Zxbauqb183wns6

      no its december 21st 2012 thats the dooms day rockstar will kill us with seizers from gta 5 because so many ppl gonna be on for 24 hours everyday NOOO!!!!!

  • Ardee

     your all stupid, its this year!
    wait and see.

  • Emmanuel Diaz

    they are scare of sleeping dogs thats why they holding back 

  • Joe Morrish

    I’m expecting news to come by the end of the month. Back in Feb someone at Rockstar said that they wouldn’t be releasing any info on GTA V until after Max Payne 3 has had its turn in the limelight. Since Max Payne 3 is beinf released next week, I would think that it’s sensible to expect new info, possibly even trailer No. 2, by the end of the month

  • Luke

    It’s ‘To and Fro’ not ‘To and Throw’