Particulars for Uncharted 3 patch 1.11

By the end of this month Uncharted 3 fans can enjoy patch 1.11 and the improvements this update brings, which include a return of The Lab for some fun and unique multiplayer modes. This section of Uncharted 3 multiplayer allows for some interesting experiments that some fans will remember from U2, but start this month on U3 with a map for the T-bolt and Pistole only.

After the Uncharted 3 1.11 update you’ll also notice the Elimination mode, Message of the Day for important updates including future patches, and an advanced settings menu that will allow you to change a number of settings to customize U3 to your liking. Settings you can change in this new menu include toggling Boosters, Sprinting, Health Multiplier, Respawn Time, Grenade Throw, and a few more options.

Rather than us carrying on explaining every change with this new patch it would be better for you to hear these changes direct from the Naughty Dog developers, which can be seen in the video we’ve embedded below this article. Robert Cogburn (Lead Multiplayer Designer) and Justin Richmond (U3 Game Director) explain every change, which includes some differences to quitting online games early and hooks added for DLC working better with the GOTY Edition.

Are you happy with the changes made in Uncharted 3 patch 1.11, or are there some things you wanted that are clearly missing?